Dr. Dog: We All Belong

Rock revivalists?  It’s time to just admit that classic rock never went anywhere, let the term describe a genre rather than a period in history, then allow Philly-based Dr. Dog to prescribe it to you in addictive doses. 

We All Belong (Park The Van Records) is missing a needle-to-vinyl hiss, and not much else.  Even with obvious influences embroidered on their sleeves, Dr. Dog makes second-hand coat rock that is pleasantly fresh and untamed.  Picture the mountain backdrop and the wild horses in cigarette ads.  Someone brought a keg.  Someone brought something else.  There’s a bonfire.  You’re in the spirit world now, Chavez.

Simultaneously psychedelic (“The Girl”) and soulful (“Worst Trip”)—We All Belong is seemingly the result of the Beatles spending spring break with The Allman Brothers Band and getting delirious with sunburn and their 24 track, 2 inch tape machine.  The burping bass line, cavernous vocal reverb and fuzzy guitar leads on “The Way The Lazy Do” encourage escape to the beanbag chair and reducing illumination, so that only the dull red glow of your lava lamp remains. 

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