Cougar: Law

Silent films express emotion without sound, and, conversely, Madison, Wisconsin’s Cougar is able to express similar emotion without words or visuals. Law, the eclectic, electronic quintet’s first disc, masterfully produced by John McIntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake), is a movieless soundtrack of post-rock proportions; a canvas painted with hypnotic arpeggios, urgent guitar-and-drum vamps and the flittering electronic beat of hummingbird wings. Unlike the visual narrative, Cougar projects amorphous, shifting atmospheres that find comfort in any mood. From tranquil introspection of “Lifetime Ranger,” to the soaring crescendos of “Merit,” Law digs deep into emotion, and draws out a cycling soundscape of highs and lows; those peeks and valleys that are an inherent part of life.

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