Watch The Oldest Allman Brothers Band Footage on YouTube: Duane Allman Kicks Mountain Jam’s Ass at Love Valley 1970

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Forty-one years ago today we lost Brother Duane. In honor of one of the best guitarists to ever pick up an axe, we’re re-sharing rare video of Skydog in action.

While there’s not much footage of Duane Allman on YouTube, the clips that do exist show off just how inventive of a guitarist Skydog was. The oldest Allman Brothers Band video on YouTube contains 30 professionally-shot, blistering minutes of Mountain Jam from the “Woodstock of the South,” The Love Valley Festival in North Carolina on July 17, 1970. Duane puts on a clinic from the moment his fingers touch his famed 1957 goldtop Les Paul through the end of the half-hour jam session.

Apparently the promoters of the festival commissioned a documentary about the event in similar fashion to the Woodstock movie but budgetary restraints meant that they could only afford to film part of each band’s set. Thankfully this Mountain Jam was among the songs they decided to film. Duane’s signature tone and vicious attack were on full display throughout the 30-minute segment that even includes a little Will The Circle Be Unbroken jam. Then there’s Skydog’s slide work – it’s just ridiculously good. It seems this footage has circulated for decades, but today was the first time I came across it and I was so blown away I just had to share…

Allman Brothers Band @ Love Valley Festival – Mountain Jam

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18 thoughts on “Watch The Oldest Allman Brothers Band Footage on YouTube: Duane Allman Kicks Mountain Jam’s Ass at Love Valley 1970

  1. Bob Beatty Reply

    And to think, I’ve seen that axe in the flesh at the Big House Museum!

    See how doggone hard Jaimoe worked back then.


  2. I am still Reply

    STARVING!! But on the video, wowzers. The more Duane the better, long live ABB is right. Such an amazing video, thanks for posting, and a great distraction!

  3. Bing Roenig Reply

    How cool is that? Duane and Gregg Allman became a possibility in Raleigh, North Carolina when their parents met. Oldest You Tube of Allman Bros in NC, Rock on…

  4. Dolemite Reply

    This is definitely not the oldest Allman Brothers footage on YouTube.

    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      By all means point me towards what you feel is the oldest Allman Brothers video footage on YouTube. I know footage from Atlanta Pop a few days earlier exists but I don’t see it on YouTube.

  5. Larry Reply

    Dickey Betts is sounding really good on this track himself for sure as is the entire band. Very cool.

  6. Franklin Reply

    Thank you Scott for posting this jem. Only makes me wish I was living in my 20’s back then. Maybe in another life…
    Anyone know where to find this show as an audio file? Soundboard (crossing fingers)?

  7. Linda Lowe Reply

    This is so awesome. There’s just not enough footage of early ABB. Reading “skydog” right now, and just read the chapter where they mentioned Love Valley. Had the pleasure to see Duane and early ABB at Guilford College when I was 13. Don’t remember many details, but I do remember the impact, listening to them ever since and still my favorite band

  8. vince Reply

    The September 23, 1970 show and many many more Allman Brothers shows can be found at

    The site has 50 Allman Brothers live shows recorded while Duane was alive.

    When you get to the site click the pink picture, then enter Allman Brothers in the search block and be sure to click SEARCH

    You can also download all of these shows.

    • Squonk Reply

      Would love to know how to download some of these ABB shows from Sugarmegs. I have read the instructions which were basically written in the 90’s when their site was started, and I can’t fathom how a 42 MB file could represent a whole 2.5 hour show. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

      Sure do love this Mountain Jam though, sure takes me back 🙂

  9. Scott Bernstein Reply

    The files you see on sugar eggs are low quality streams. They are a far cry from mp3s sadly. Hence the small file size. It’s a shame the Allmans are not only against fans sharing their music online but are litigious about it.

  10. LectrkLady Reply

    I was there in 1970 from Wed thru Sunday – I don’t remember if we left Sunday or Monday but it was awesome – a rip roaring, psychedelic good time was had by all. Was worth the drive from Texas

  11. Spearman60 Reply

    I was there. I only lived 18 miles away. I was 16. One hell of a rush. I still go there occasionally just to get that feeling again.

  12. Russell altman Reply

    They jammed in a backyard in Jax (Westside somwhere in 1969 (I liked the 2nd coming) as the were forming….I often wander if any body got film of it. I distinctly remember Duane being there….although it is kinda foggy due to age and my condition at the time…

  13. Emubird Reply

    I was going to make 5 comments
    In the end
    “Filthy dirty hippies”

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