Ween Drama: Aaron and Mickey Post on Ween Forum

For those of us hoping Aaron “Gene Ween” Freeman and Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo would put aside their differences and re-form Ween, it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon. The pair exchanged posts on the Ween Forum on Saturday that reveal the depth of their rift.

There’s a huge thread to sort through if you want the full context, but here’s what Deaner, aka Miggy had to say

I’m going to make one statement and one statement only about this business, because our dirty laundry has no place in the public eye.

All I want is to go about my life and not be judged in public by Aaron or his wife, who honestly I really don’t know at all. We’ve spoken for a combined total of about 40 minutes in the 8 or 9 years they’ve been together. Why she reads my website confounds me. Aaron made a decision to retire Gene Ween and that was his decision and this is a free country. I support his sobriety and his health and hope that he makes the greatest solo album of all-time someday, and that’s not just words, that is the honest to god truth. It would actually bring vindication to his decision to leave the band that we worked so hard to perfect. I’m not a spiteful person and what Aaron and I created together was something so special that everyone that was even close to it for even one evening was affected forever. Nothing can ever change that. Leah was not around during the years that Aaron and I were hanging out together socially every day and night and growing up together, we were brothers in the truest sense of the word and I’m assuming she thinks that we were always dysfunctional and things were always tense and unhappy. We did a lot of partying together but to insinuate that all our time spent together involved drugs and booze is ridiculous, our output speaks for itself. You don’t write that many songs and enjoy the level of success and quality music we made by being total fuck ups. My only connection to WEEN as of 9/28/2012 is our history,  and the word “deaner” in askdeaner.com If it takes for me to change the url to askmiggy.com then I will do that. Leave well enough alone. Every journalist that I’ve spoken to has asked me about Aaron’s personal affairs for years and not once have I thrown him under the bus or even been tempted to do so, that is classless. That is ALL that I ask. Based on the past, you will find a way to spin the most innocuous statements that I make into something with poor intentions or cruel, thoughtless, whatever other words you use. I’m sure this time will be no different. Having to type this here is flat out embarrassing for me and I resent that fact that you’ve made me do it. I’m not gonna just sit here and be kicked anymore though. And that’s it.

And here’s what Gener, aka Taer, had to say in response…

All that matters to me is that I’m getting sober. Becoming an out of control drug addict and alcoholic is my own fault and I take responsibility for it. I HAD to leave the Ween organization to stay sober. You may not understand that, and expounding is pointless, but its the reality. How I left was impulsive. If I could do it over, I would have done it differently. My family and I are healing. The only thing I took offense too was Mickeys public remark about his excessive alcohol consumption, in my eyes it was disrespectful. Also, my wife does not read Mickeys blog. Ive read it to her. She had the rare treat of coming into a relationship where her husband was being rushed around by paramedics, falling down steps, cracking his skull, OD’ing etc. She’s been the one who’s held my hand through horrendous withdrawls, while still managing to keep our family together. Mickey and I have been business partners for years, but not social at all since the “early Ween years”. Our relationship and communication with each other, was what it was, long before I met my wife. But in the end, none of this matters. I have absolutely no doubt anything Mickey puts his hands on will rock. I wish the best for us both. I have nothing but good feelings about what Mickey and I did with Ween. Now enough of this shite, back to the music!

More from Freeman, later in the thread

Guys, I play in bars, my wife keeps a bottle of wine in the fridge. I actually hope people who can drink, do so at my shows as it loosens everything up. Sobering up means accepting that everyone has there own deal. Mickey offended me on a different level, one that only he and and I could understand. The last few years were consistent with me playing my shows, having to isolate in a seperate room so the rest of the band could pass around the bottle of Jamison etc. etc. Party down but don’t let Gener see. What would wind up happening is I’d undoubtably blow it and relapse. Ween turned into a hard rockin, hard playin machine and ain’t nothin gonna change. I remember going to a rehab once, going to my first Ween practice at Claude’s and within 5 minutes they’re all asking each other if they’d like to crack into some dos equis.
I cant realistically change the rock mode these guys need to be in but…
I can’t be one of those guys either.
I’m not over sensitive, I say if you can do it, shoot smack, drink as much beer and whiskey as you want…its non of my business and I don’t judge. But In a band the urge to drink with your mates is ingrained. it is very different being cool with your friend having a brew. Live and let live brothers and sisters.

It’s tough seeing two guys who were so close fighting in front of their fans on a message board. Even if they don’t play, we’d love to see them salvage their friendship. Freeman’s last missive did seem to leave some room for a resolution at some point…

I’ll tell ya, it’s a remote possibility down the line but right now as I’m laying low, we know everything about Mickey except what kind of toilet paper he uses. It all seems very A team vs. B-team and honestly I was never into team sports. Ween was founded on the premis of alienation torward the masses, showing them the true meaning of Brown and being held accountable to nothing but the Boognish. It was/had turned into some Umphries McGee bullshit and I love Ween too much to see that happen. Lets see where the road takes us but for now a good healthy break is needed to get some priorities straight. Believe it or not, I’m the biggest Ween out of all’yall.

Though we’re not sure how Umphrey’s got involved. Umphrey’s keyboardist Joel Cummins responded to the dis via Twitter

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[Hat Tip – JR Hevron]

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26 Responses

  1. maybe they play again sometime, maybe they don’t… but one thing is for sure: this will blow over in the end. It’s all fresh, raw and emotional right now, and will ease with time.

    Sidenote: Claude is either sober or (almost) never drinks… so the idea that it is impossible to stay sober around Ween might be a bit exagerated.

  2. Nice work Scotty

    Say, I’m trying to remember a Ween song on the you tubes that I first saw here. It’s just Gener and Deaner playing a really beautiful song in like a library or bookstore or something. Could have been a cover.

    Anyways, I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about

  3. Hey Joel Cummins,

    I wouldn’t take Deans comment to you at Vegoose too seriously. From his recent blog…

    “I’ll be nice to the opening band and then mock them the whole time they’re playing”

  4. Wow Gener. I dunno if any of yall have been to any of Gener’s solo shows….but….yeah…..Ive seen him wasted beyond recognition at way more of his solo shows than when he is with Deaner and the boys. He is a walking contridiction. Wow Gener!

  5. “It was/had turned into some Umphries McGee bullshit and I love Ween too much to see that happen.”

    Not sure what that really means… out of all the bands in the genre I feel like Umphrey’s has their shit together more than anyone.


    “Pretty sure Aaron just got the Disco Biscuits and Umphrey’s confused… lol”

    tDB are no strangers to message board, twitter and FB slander haha

  6. >“It was/had turned into some Umphries McGee bullshit and I love Ween too much to see that happen.”

    I don’t think this comment was about drugs, I think it had more to do with Ween becoming more of an “organization” and the personal feeling of the music being stripped away. Umph is a well-oiled jam machine, and they write pretty songs, but theyve always felt very clinical and cold to me. Not like the warmth and personality of a good Ween performance…

    1. Dude. So hilarious. I bet all Deen wants to do is go fishing and have a beer. This is ridiculous these “problems” they have. Meanwhile I am working at my real job and reading this for entertainment. They just need to take it off the internet and fight in person, like real men. I know they both immediately regret putting this b.s. online. I can’t tour with them because they drink too much. Hahaha. Lamest band comment ever or however he put it.

  7. What everyone is thinking or saying about this is irrelevant, including soldiers Mickey and Aaron. The BOOGNISH is the one who decides what happens. Always remember that! And The BOOGNISH is real. BOOGNISH has a plan for Aaron and Mickey, and the ween are always following the plan, even if they don’t have it in their focus or they are parted. BOOGNISH. BOOGNISH is the REASON. And also BOOGNISH doesn’t want WEEN playing shows with UMPHREY’S MCGEE.

  8. Newsflash, stuff that makes you money is usually hard work and being in a touring band is no different.

    It may have been like going to war, hellish, etc., but it also supported Gener and his family while the music industry was going to complete shit.

    Maybe take a step back and realize how lucky Ween were to be able to be successful on their own terms?

  9. Wow indeed, I think there’s some great comments above.

    Seeing into the 4th dimension of Ween’s third eye affairs is an ugly mess!

    Quebec felt like their last real album, and that was almost 10 years ago … so epic, sad & beautiful.


    personally: As a fan for 15+ years, it’s disappointing as all fuck out reading about Gener’s flamboyant sobriety like a born-again.

    It’s also not cool reading ‘stop the hate and don’t be classless’ coming from Deaner as he’s making a Moistboyz album.

    What a world, people.

  10. first time i saw ween was just after they hired claude and weiss to back them up.good thing too cause deaner spent most of the show passed out behind his amp.it got to the point where they had an audience member playing drums on reggajunkiejew.

  11. that’s not a fight or even drama, its 2 old friends explaining respectful differences in their lifestyles that prevent a working relationship.

  12. This is worse than watching the behind the music the band train! And umphreys is the faaaaking shhhhit, fuck weeeen

  13. Newsflash, stuff that makes you money is usually hard work and being in a touring band is no different.

    It may have been like going to war, hellish, etc., but it also supported Gener and his family while the music industry was going to complete shit.

    Maybe take a step back and realize how lucky Ween were to be able to be successful on their own terms? https://couponswa.com/coupon-category/books-music-video/

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