JJ Grey & Mofro: Country Ghetto


Artists are notorious for harboring a bittersweet affection for their hometown roots, and with Country Ghetto, songwriter JJ Grey gives a gritty glimpse at life in the Dirty South.  Inspired by his stomping grounds of Jacksonville, Florida, the new album spins stories of love and war, ignorance and pride, all through the eyes of a hopeful poet. 

Together with his band MOFRO, their latest collaboration on Alligator Records features an eclectic mix of guitar driven rock, country-fried funk, and soulful ballads seeping with Southern charm. Grey’s golden voice transitions through each style quite comfortably, as he shifts tones from hard as nails to sweet as honey with merely a breath.

One of the most powerful tracks is the lover’s pledge, “A Woman,” where Grey’s smoky vocals leave you wondering, where did this white boy get so much soul?   “Footsteps” recalls the spirit of those classic blues cats, as if Daryl Hance’s resigned guitar licks were born to blare on a dusty old record player. New to the band’s signature front porch sound is a horn section featured in songs like “By My Side” and “Tragic,” which will surely add a fuller flavor to Grey & Co.s summertime festival slots.

Country Ghetto has dropped just in time for warmer weather and spiked lemonade. Hop on your hammock and soak up the sweet country soul.

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