John Cusack and Boombox Guest at Peter Gabriel Concert

In one of the best uses of a song in film history, John Cusack’s Lloyd Dobler aims to win back the affection of Ione Skye’s Diane Court in 1989’s Say Anything by appearing outside of her bedroom window holding a boombox pumping In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. Last night at the Hollywood Bowl stop of Peter Gabriel’s Back To Front So Live Tour, Cusack emerged from the venue’s wings during In Your Eyes to present Petey with a boombox to a massive ovation from the crowd.

It was a scene that warmed the hearts of ’80s movie buffs such as ourselves and a scene that Say Anything’s director, Cameron Crowe, won’t forget anytime soon.

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UPDATE: HyperVocal found a video

Cusack stood side stage all night at the show, which we hear was filmed for a future video release, and tweeted shots from the concert all night. Alright Tom Cruise, you’ve got to up the ante by strolling across a Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band stage in your undies during Old Time Rock and Roll.

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  1. I was there. It was awesome. I’ve seen many, many concerts, and I can truly say, this was the best one ever.

  2. As ever, middle age provides a new insight to “In Your Eyes”. It means seeing my daughter reflected back and it means looking into the eyes of those in many continents be reflected back as my child or my Mother. Mr. Gabriel, it is an honor to share your music. Sharing “Biko” was even more profound than the Hollywood Bowl and I am sure the elders would agree. You and WITNESS continue to be your humble selves. Say anything resounds as an apt description of me by those who love me.

  3. Takes me back to when I was 17. I fell in love with every bit of your music than. Still love hearing you. Peter Gabriel you are the bees knees. God given voice.

  4. My wife and I saw the show Saturday night.
    It was a great concert! Just think for tickets that cost $125.+17.50 handling we could end up with seats in which we could see the performers faces without the assistance of a big screen or binoculars. I have seen Peter live before and he seemed to love to connect with the audience. Not so much last night. Neither my wife or I even saw him smile the entire evening. Perhaps he was just feeling a little tired from the very grueling tour schedule he committed himself to.

    The venue, band, sound and multimedia show were incredible! Both my wife and I noticed Peter did seem a little tired. Wouldn’t anyone after such a grueling tour. We both also notice he we didn’t see him smile during the entire show.
    My wife said “He looks depressed.” I think Peter was just tired.

    I still believe that concert ticket prices have gotten too high. We paid $142.50 a ticket. For that price you would think that we would have had seats in the orchestra section. I also had to pass on the $40 T-Shirt a $20 program.

    Were we just really spoiled in our 20’s for being able to afford so many shows? We will continue to go to great concerts like last night’s, but they will have to be rare events due to the price.

    We believe the ‘Witness’ charity Peter founded is a worthy one. That being said wouldn’t have been nice to let people know that a portion of the proceeds were being donated to the cause.
    There were compelling images of violence displayed on the screen before the show, but the call to action via a website or phone number must have been so briefly displayed that neither my wife or I noticed it. Might have been a good thing to have the flyers promoting you new cd set also promote giving to this very worthy cause.

    Ticket prices are WAY TOO HIGH!
    We paid $142.50 a ticket.
    For that price you would think that we would have had seats in the orchestra section.

    1. I saw the show in Toronto a couple of weeks ago and he was just amazing! He did have some nice audience interaction but you’re not going to get him to smile and chuckle. It’s not his style. Also, if you’re unhappy about the ticket prices , do what I do. Just buy average seats. At this stage in my concert going career, just being at the concert is a big deal. You know they’ll be big video screens set up and the sound will be great and also the closer you are , you’ll just end up standing all night and that really sucks!!

  5. I’ll be seeing the last stop on his tour Sunday night. I’ve seen several PG tours including the original “SO” tour and am looking forward to a great experience.

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