Video: Grateful Dead Insurance Salesman

The Ben Stiller Show was an ahead-of-its-time sketch comedy show that aired on Fox for an all-too-quick 12 show run between Sept. 1992 and Jan. 1993. One skit we think our readers will appreciate is called Grateful Dead Insurance Salesman starring John F. O’Donohue, Janeane Garofolo and Andy Dick. The premise is that an insurance salesman taps into a new market for clients – Grateful Dead concerts.

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  1. That is Bob Odenkirk! I was there!!! A few Dead lot vehicles and vendors from Venice CA were rounded up and hired for the day to build a “deadhead lot scene” on the Warner Bros. parking lot. I was paid $150 for them to use my van for the day, along with a few other friends. We hung out all day, got to be background extras (you can see me briefly 00:32). We ate lunch with the cast, though none of them were stars yet, really…

    My van is the red one with stickers, behind Jeanine Garofolo, and then where Andy Dick does the “dragons” bit.

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