Exit Clov: Respond Respond


Watch out, America. Exit Clov, a Washington DC- based group of indie rockers, is exploding onto the music scene armed with a powerful sound and a personal agenda.

Respond Respond is the band’s first album with a national release, and it successfully displays the group’s addictive rhythms and dynamic range while showcasing their meaningful messages. The EP opens with a highly energetic power-pop tune called “DIY.” However, don’t be confused by the song’s chord-friendly melody. After a pleasingly unexpected outburst of violin instrumentals, the lyrics get heavy. On “Violet Berries,” twin lead vocalists Emily and Susan Hsu create soothing harmonies that resonate over a politically-awakening message of awareness. “War is old so we don’t feel it now. We broke the Berlin wall, but we make no sound.” 

 “MK Ultra” is a head-bobbing tribute to the punk music of the 70’s. The high-impact track highlights the instrumental talent of guitarist Aaron Leeder, bassist Brett Niederman and drummer John Thayer. Leeder’s pounding guitar riff fits perfectly with Thayer’s thrashing drum beat to create a masterpiece of musical punk paranoia.

Respond Respond is not just an arrangement of catchy, quality- crafted music; it represents Exit Clov’s call for action. If taking a stand is what it takes to produce new and innovative musical talent, I honorably pledge my allegiance.

For more info see: http://www.exitclov.com/home.php

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