RecommNeds: Jason Collett / Django Django

Nothing left to do but smile…

Jason Collett: Reckon

There are so many things to love about Jason Collett’s new album. Collett is another one of those Broken Social Sceners who’s going on to do his own thing in wonderfully divergent fashion. On Reckon, the general modus operandi seems to be efficient, bubbly pop music perfection. Barely any of the 15 tracks break the three minute mark, but no matter, they all leap fully formed into the ear with a big smile on their face, sounding like a trove of undiscovered Paul McCartney solo gems. And don’t miss the “bonus disc” which is essentially a Jason Collett “greatest hits” and, lo!, appropriately contains a McCartney cover as well.

SpotifyJason Collett – Reckon




Django Django: Django Django

Have you heard of Django Django yet? If not, let me be the first to introduce you. Perfectly crafted, major key music; upbeat enough to make you move, interesting enough to make your brain buzzzzz. (And apparently absolutely nothing to do with Django Reinhardt.) When your tweener kids say “I like this music!” and you agree 100%, you know you’ve got a keeper. One helluva  debut, sure to put a smile on your face.

Spotify:  Django Django – Django Django




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