Watch Page McConnell Team Up With Tenacious D On Flash, Wonderboy and Beatles Abbey Road Medley

Way back on September 28th, 2001 Tenacious D’s first big, national tour visited Higher Ground which was then in Winooski, Vermont. They were touring in support of their self-titled debut album in which they were backed by Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters on drums and guitar, keyboardist Page McConnell of Phish, guitarist Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals and bassist Steven Shane McDonald of Redd Kross. Therefore it wasn’t a big shock when McConnell joined Kyle and JB that night.

Page sat in on Flash, Wonderboy (a tune he played with Tenacious D on the album) as well as the D’s brillant cover of the medley the ends The Beatles’ Abbey Road LP. Thanks to YouTuber cleantones we can watch Page’s entire sit-in with Tenacious D complete with SBD soundtrack…

Tenacious D w/ Page McConnell

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  1. Wow! That truly is a brilliant cover of the Abbey Road medley. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard it, and thanks for sharing.

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