Arcade Fire: Neon Bible


If Arcade Fire is considered "pop" music now, we must be onto something good. On the Canada collective’s acclaimed debut Funeral, lead singer Win Butler evoked comparisons to David Bowie, but on the follow-up Neon Bible, he summons more straight forward rock imagery in the anthemic runs of “Keep the Car Running and “Antichrist Television.”  The booming pipe organ of “Intervention”  is hearty enough to arouse a congregation, while “Ocean of Noise” has an orchestrated zeal, courtesy of Calexic’s string section. There are some lowlights, particularly “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations” and the stark “Windowsill.”  However, it’s the rev-up “No Cars Go” that will blossom as the new live firecracker in the fumes of “Wake Up.” Although Neon Bible is a slight come-down from Funeral, a one-of a kind dark majestic vibe surrounds, making this effort another winner.  

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