Hidden Track Celebrates 6th Birthday

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Six years ago today we published a post called “Hidden Track: And So It Begins…” that introduced a new site to the blogosphere and 9,467 posts later we’re finally starting to hit our stride. This past year has been our best yet in so many ways thanks to the relentless work of our team of contributors. It’s been our goal since day one that, despite all of us having day jobs, we keep the site as fresh as possible. And that doesn’t just mean keeping the flow of posts coming, we try our best to come up with stories and link to content that you don’t see everywhere else. Hopefully we’ve succeeded.

[© Stuart Miles | Dreamstime.com]

It’s been an incredible ride over the last 2,000+ days and we’re so thankful to our readers for continuing to visit. We take an enormous sense of pride in the fact that nearly 50% of our traffic comes from repeat visitors, an unusually high number in the music blog game. We hope that trend continues.

Thanks to all of our contributors who put in tons of work both through posts and “behind-the-screen.” We all do this because we’re passionate about sharing the music we love. Please bear in mind that Comments, Facebook “likes” and tweets help motivate us and are appreciated more than you can imagine. Be sure to follow our Twitter feed and “like” our Facebook page where we don’t just share the work we do, but also point you towards articles on other sites we think our readers will enjoy. As always, if you have any suggestions on how to make HT better, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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14 thoughts on “Hidden Track Celebrates 6th Birthday

  1. Slade Reply

    Happy happy, Scotty B!

  2. andrew Reply

    Half way to bat mitzvah age! Mazel Tov guys!

  3. Eddie Reply

    I’m addicted to this site…Happy Bday HiddenTrack!

  4. Mark Reply

    Happy birthday to the fine folks at Hidden Track! Keep up the great work!

  5. Scott Reply

    Congratulations…awesome site

  6. KernelForbin Reply

    Thanks for everything the HT staff does. This is a music “blog” of the highest caliber. You guys rock!

  7. Greg Reply

    Congrats! Here’s to many more great years of the best music site around. Cheers!

  8. coach Reply

    congrats and happy birthday guys!!

  9. eric Reply

    every day i grab my lunch, head back to office and immediately click on HT to read new posts. Probably been my routine for 5 of your 6 years. And i love turning new people onto your sight… keep it up!

  10. Kye Reply

    Congrats ALL! Been a great 6 years with you all THANK YOU!

  11. larry Reply

    Thank You Sooo Much!!! ::CHEERS::

  12. Randoo Reply

    Congrats and thank you.

  13. Admiral French Pockets Reply

    Been reading since Day One, and before that always reading what the Mother Ship has to say.
    Big fan, and Hidden Track is one of the very, very, very few websites I visit on a daily basis, multiple times. If I ever miss a day, I spend the next day playing “catch up”. Keep up the good, no, great work!!

  14. ryan Reply

    Thank’s guys, love reading Hidden Track. Keep it up!

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