Umphrey’s McGee To Make Beacon Theatre Debut in January / Unveils Exhaustive Statistics and Setlist Database Site

Nearly 15 years to the day of their first show Umphrey’s McGee will play the prestigious Beacon Theatre in New York City on Friday, January 18. The word came down as per an onstage announcement at UM’s Capitol Theatre show last night.  This will mark the band’s Beacon debut, a venue that will give LD Jefferson Waful a wonderful canvas to paint. Umphrey’s was formed on the campus of Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana in the late ’90s and now have nearly 1,800 shows under their belts. A formal announcement is expected soon.

In other Umphrey’s news, the band has launched an extensive setlist and statistics database dubbed “” which will allow users to not only track what the band has played, but if they register, track their own personal Umphrey’s statistics.

An announcement about the site details some of the other things you can do…

Search by set lists, songs, venue, cities, and more. Compile your own personal stats to uncover the in’s and out’s of your Umphrey’s live experiences. Reference show notes, versions with improvisation, bustout potential and leave reviews on your favorite shows. There’s even a mobile site built specifically for you to reference at shows or anywhere on the go.

We saw some of the work that went into the herculean task of building this site and entering the data, so to say this was “years in the making” isn’t an exaggeration. Mazel Tov!

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