Phish: Star Lake ’98 2-DVD Set Due in December

Exciting news for Phish fans as the band will release a full show from its archives on DVD this December. Phish: Star Lake ’98 features a bustout and jam filled performance from August 11th, 1998 and was the only full show in Phish’s archive from that summer as switched video. The show was filmed by three cameras for the lawn feed and this 2-DVD set was created from archival VHS tapes.

This show is known for having the first and only Phish rendition of Trench Town Rock by Bob Marley, the return of Time Loves A Hero by Little Feat for the first time in over 1,000 shows and nearly ten years as well as a well-jammed Runaway Jim that kicks off the second set.

Set 1Trench Town Rock[1] > JuliusWolfman’s Brother -> Time Loves a Hero,Bittersweet MotelRebaThe SlothGinseng SullivanFeeMazeSample in a Jar

Set 2Runaway Jim[2]Meat > Limb By LimbWhen the Circus Comes > Down with Disease

EncoreWilson > Golgi Apparatus

[1] Phish debut.
[2] Maria (West Side Story) tease.

Notes: This show marked the Phish debut of Trench Town Rock and the return of Time Loves a Hero (first since November 5, 1988, or 1,021 shows). Runaway Jim included a tease of Maria from West Side Story.


List price for the 2-DVD set is $23.97. Expect an official announcement soon.

[Hat Tip – Jay Kocyla]

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9 thoughts on “Phish: Star Lake ’98 2-DVD Set Due in December

  1. BR Reply

    Incredibly well-played, underrated show. Happy holidays indeed.

  2. Michael from Florida Reply

    Great news! Thanks!

  3. nuttyriv3r Reply

    This is great, but man…so wish it was Starlake ’97.

  4. MCastle Reply

    Great Cover.

  5. Scott Reply

    What does this sentence mean?

    “and was the only full show in Phish’s archive from that summer as switched audio”

    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      That should (and now does) read “switched video” meaning video originating from multiple cameras. The venue’s director picked the best shots from the three cameras to display on the screens for the lawn. That feed was recorded on VHS and apparently was the only lawn feed to make it back to Phish’s archives.

  6. Michael Martelli, Jr Reply

    Great news… really hope they step up to the plate and release a show on Blu-ray soon…

    • pmforbin Reply

      Any Blu-Ray release will have to come from post 1.0 era, when the band and venues started using HD. Unfortunately for those pre-2.0 shows, only performances caught on film (if any) would be able to be released on Blu-Ray. I’m skeptical about the video quality on this release, as VHS is only about 240 lines of resolution, so they’ll be bumping it up to DVD quality, then folks at home who watch it on an HD television will be bumping it up again. Then again, I only really care about the music. I know what they look like.

  7. Laurville Reply

    Merry Christmas to me!

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