North Mississippi Allstars Releasing First Live DVD

Songs of the South Records has announced  the release of the first-ever official  concert  DVD  by the  three-time Grammy-nominated North Mississippi Allstars. "Keep on Marchin’" was recorded November 11, 2005 at the Higher Ground in Burlington,  VT;  it is  a glimpse into what makes this hard-touring  trio  so special.

Six Hi-Definition cameras beautifully capture the November 11, 2005 performance at the Higher Ground. The show was one of many the band did in support of their Grammy-nominated sixth   record,   "Electric Blue Watermelon." This was a unique time in the band’s career.  While the Allstars had always celebrated the  rich  resources  of  the unique hill country music of north Mississippi, Electric  Blue  Watermelon  made the deepest statement  about  where they come from  as they  accepted the responsibility of being the most prominent torchbearers of its legacy, translating it for a new generation of  listeners.  The band’s  mindset during the tour  reflected  this  knowledge,  showing  them  night after night, city after city, in their most comfortable  and  happy  place: on stage, performing.

"After so many nights on the road, I was almost burned out," Luther Dickinson says. "But the crowd was so cool and Chris was preachin’ the blues; I found myself inspired.  I’m proud to have this one show documented so well."

Director Johnny Reid says, "The night of the show, the band was totally zoned in.  It was one of those rare evenings when everything just clicked.  Their performance reminds me of some  of the  amazing live concerts I use to see in the 70’s."

"Keep on Marchin’" is the first release from the North Mississippi Allstars’ own label, Songs of the South Records.  A double-CD, 10-year retrospective with a bonus documentary DVD will be released in the Fall of 2007.

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