LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver


Given that LCD Soundsystem’s 2005 self-titled debut nailed most critic’s best of lists, it’s easy to presume the pressure was on LCD’s James Murphy for Sound of Silver.  Nine tracks isn’t a huge project, but it’s enough room for Murphy to showcase his wide range of influences (mainly 80’s) into his own compositions.  Mixing electronic beats atop of live instruments, with loads of cowbell, LCD Soundsystem evolves as a multi-layered machine, where stripped down rock and electronica gel.

Blending humor, tads of punk and danceable beats on the core, Sound of Silver’s heart is rooted in 80’s.  From the Remain in Light era opener “Get Innocoluous!” to the vigorous dance jam first single, “North American Scum,” there’s enough live beats to please both club-goers and concert goers. “Someone Great,” is pure 80’s Human League and is a rather uncomfortable listen, as is the cynical downer of a closer “New York I Love You.”  The kraut rock “All My Friends” keeps things moving midway with a cathy piano riff that isn’t too different from what The Killer’s kitsch. Although the lyrics are forgettable, it’s Murphy’s appetite for an 80’s British electronic/synth throwback album, that makes Sound of Silver a love it or hate it affair. 

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