Ask Deaner: The Night Ween Jammed With Foo Fighters and Met Drew Barrymore + Hurricane Sandy Update

For the past few months Ween guitarist Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo has been taking and responding to questions asked by his fans via We’ve continued to keep our readers posted on the interesting answers Deaner has given [here, here and here] and we’ll do so again today since Mickey wrote about a ridiculously crazy night in Ween history.

[The house on the right is where Ween recorded The Mollusk and wrote Quebec and White Pepper. This is before the storm even made landfall. I’m sure it’s not standing at this point. – Deaner]

Ween + Foo Fighters + Drew Barrymore

This is a video not many people are aware of. [Ed. Note – Unless you read Hidden Track, of course] This is Ween backed up by the Foo Fighters (the first lineup w/Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Nate, and the original drummer) from 1996 at the Hollywood Palladium. We did a West Coast tour together and Aaron and I reverted to our original lineup with the tape deck (while waiting for both the Mollusk and 12 GCG to be released). Dave made the band learn this song and we ran thru it at soundcheck. Courtney Love was there as well as an all-star celebrity guest list. After the show we all went and partied in Dave’s room and Drew Barrymore was in the room being very sexy and flirty. I was very stoned and she was intimidating. She came over and straddled me in my chair and sat in my lap, and she pressed her nose directly up against mine and said “when you put your faces this close it looks like the other person has one giant cyclops eye” which is true. Our lips were almost touching and I almost instinctively kissed her. She slid away smiling at me and I got a huge boner. People like to hear celebrity stories and I don’t have many good ones, but seeing this video made it all come back. I just read that she is a new mom now and it reminded me of this whole fantastic night.

Deaner, who has a close connection with the Jersey Shore, also provided an update on the many places in the storm-ravaged area that mean so much to him including the house where Ween’s The Mollusk was recorded and where Quebec and White Pepper was written.

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