Dean Ween and Friends To Play Benefit For Sandy Victim

Dean Ween has spent the last few months with his head down in the studio working on a new as-of-yet untitled project so he hasn’t played many gigs of late. The Ween co-founder will make a rare appearance on November 28th at The Saint in Asbury Park, New Jersey along with his “friends.”

Deaner put this show together to raise funds for his “kindred spirit” Nick Honachefsky who lost everything to Hurricane Sandy. Details about the event are just coming out and ticketing information is expected soon. Be sure to keep your eyes on the Facebook page for the event for updates.

Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo wrote a stirring essay about the situation…

I met Nick Honachefsky on 6/18/08 after I had filmed a few episodes of my web based fishing show “Brownie Troop Fishing”. He sent me an email saying that he liked my show, knew my band and that he fished his ass off and wrote for “The Fisherman” magazine, a NJ based weekly publication that I subscribe to. I had read his articles and seen his name a million times and when I called him to take him up on his offer to surf cast I knew immediately that we were kindred spirits. I had just broken my ankles on a Ween European tour after a wild night but it wasn’t stopping me from fishing. I told Nick what I was dealing with and we both agreed that it wouldn’t be a problem, I would just tape my legs up with garbage bags and duct tape so as not to get the casts all wet and slimy. (yeah right). I drove alone to the address he gave me in Normandy Beach, NJ and got to his house before he got back from running errands. I had to take a leak, big time after an hour in my truck so I let myself into his house to use the bathroom. He came home as I was walking through his kitchen and he simply said “hey, make yourself at home why dontcha”. After a few short formalities he helped me drag our gear onto his beach to go fishing and from the first cast we knocked it out of the park catching Stripers, Bluefish, and Sharks. We never looked back after that, I had found a like-minded friend in every sense of the word. After that day we fished something like 5 days a week, and spoke on the phone like 20 times a day. Our friendship grew naturally from that moment on and he quickly became one of the closest friends I’ve ever had. He has watched my son grow up, we’ve been through all of life’s major events together, the good and the bad. Most of all we fished together, as hard as two people can fish—from the surf, from the boat, in the river, in canals, around the world. Along the way we shot 16 episodes of the Brownie Troop Fishing Show together. He is as good an angler that has ever walked the beaches of Jersey, and he is an even better saltwater journalist, evidenced by his rise from local freelance fishing journalist to Managing Editor of Saltwater Sportsman, the Sports Illustrated of fishing magazines. He is even a better loyal friend though. When Hurricane Sandy hit, Nick’s house was at ground zero of the devastation. His house burned to the ground and washed away with the tide that we so carefully monitored for the past 4 or 5 years for a fishing advantage. I’ve spent a hundred nights sleeping on his couch at his place in Normandy, the door was always open to me and we had a lot of fun and a lot of late nights and early mornings there, waking up before sunrise to pound the surf. Now it’s gone, reduced to matchsticks like so many other homes left crushed in Sandy’s wake, along with all of his fishing journals, tackle, and all of his worldly possessions. I am hosting a benefit concert to help Nick rebuild his house and reclaim his life at the Jersey shore, which is exactly where he belongs. I’m asking for your support for my friend, come out and enjoy an evening of incredible music and good laughs for a great cause. We are down but we are not out and we will fish again soon, and forever. There are a lot of people in need and I have seen the best in people this past week since Sandy left the area, I ask that you help within your budget and limitations and assist in helping my good friend get back on his feet.


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