Mooney Suzuki: Have Mercy


The Mooney Suzuki restored my faith in them with their last release, “The Maximum Black EP,” which was basically a rehash of older, harder to find material. Now, in the wake of V2 Records going under, the garage rock band unfortunately opt for a rather un-Mooney Suzuki approach with “99%,” which is almost cringe-worthy. The song has more sweet power pop than anything seedy or primal, and there’s none of the moxie or swagger that previously endeared them to so many.

“This Broke Heart Of Mine” fares marginally better but it’s still stale and without any verve or soul. “Adam And Eve” is more of the same mid-tempo malaise with a flute?!?! What the….?  As a whole, the record is a very bizarre change in direction that falls apart at the seam, with the Brit-pop of “Ashes” the only early redeeming moment. The mere highlight is the slow-dance, old-school number “The Prime Of Life” which shines.  The rest is laughable.  In fact, “Rock ‘N’ Roller Girl” is so bad it’s almost good. When the band decides to get all Springsteen-esque during “First Comes Love,” it’s mildly passable. But just listen to the yawn-inducing “Good Ol’ Alcohol.” Have mercy indeed!

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