Peter Frampton Comes Alive…With Anger Over YouTube

Yesterday we posted a batch of videos from a benefit dinner on Thursday night that featured music by the Warren Haynes Band with guests Gregg Allman, Peter Frampton and Eric Krasno. As we said in the post, “Despite the extremely obnoxious and ridiculously chatty audience, the performers crushed it” and we weren’t kidding on both sides. You can hear in these clips just how disrespectful the crowd was but also just how impressive the music was. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who noticed.

Iconic musician Peter Frampton posted a note on his Facebook page discussing the unfortunate crowd as well as his distaste for fan-shot YouTube videos in general…

I had a lot of fun jamming with Warren Haynes in NYC the other night. It was a benefit for Cancer which is the huge reason I did the show. When Warren calls and I’m there. He is a dear friend and I bow down to him as a player.

Unfortunately, even though it was a wonderful cause and a great band, the donors/audience had little or no interest in the music being performed. There were a few respectful music lovers standing at the front but most didn’t care who was playing. The great Greg Allman played a set with Warren after myself and had that same audience. I removed the videos from this page because I knew what the show would be like and I was right! This show was not open to the public.

I have just put a lot of time and my own money into making available a three hour show on DVD and BluRay as well as a 3 x CD set of other versions from the FCA35 tour. It is something I am very proud of. It will most likely never sell enough to cover the cost of making it. But that’s absolutely fine with me. I didn’t do it to make money. I put it out because I have been asked for years, “Where’s the film of Comes Alive?” There was just never any taken at the time.

I worked on this project purely as a labor of love. To finally make “THE” setlist available on video with as great quality as I could for both audio and video. I am proud of what we have finished and of everyone who worked on it with me. Most of all my incredible band who share a similar passion and care so much about how good the music will be every night.

When I see the quality of live performances on YouTube I cringe. It’s awful! It sounds awful and it looks awful! I understand that you have a video camera with you at all times. But you don’t always have to use it.

The show with Warren was a private jam and should have remained private.

Can’t wait to see you all out there on the road in 2013.

Happy Thanksgiving for my US friends.

Look, we appreciate where Frampton is coming from, but as music fans we can discern the wonderful once-in-a-lifetime music that was made on Thursday night from the shitty crowd that wouldn’t shut up. In fact, isn’t it better that those of us who truly appreciate watching Warren jam with Peter get to see it? At least SOMEONE enjoyed the magical performances. Let’s place that anger on the crowd of 1%ers who paid all that money, stood in the front row and didn’t shut the fuck up all night, not the guy who truly enjoyed the music and knew others would as well. Sadly, the videos from Thursday featuring Frampton have been made “private” so now no one can see them.

It’s 2012, if you perform in front of a large crowd, somebody’s going to videotape it. Sure, you’ve put out what looks to be an amazing DVD/Blu-Ray package but the reason we were interested in those videos from the benefit was because it featured Frampton jamming with the Warren Haynes Band. Now, how about these guys get together and play a public show so an audience of respectful fans can watch? Show us the way, Petey.

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  1. Interesting perspective from Mr. Frampton here. Two separate issues though. 1. Chatty crowds at a benefit. In my opinion to be expected though I never understand why people pay big money to go to exclusive music events and then don’t pay attention to the unique opportunity they have stumbled upon; 2. Video cameras at shows. This issue has reached epidemic proportions (putting that in duly noted perspective). I am tired of having my view blocked by some moron holding up his crappy cellphone video recorder and having to watch the events through his/her (mostly his) tiny screen. Again, the reason we take the time and spend the money for these experiences is just that, for the experience. Living in the moment is rare these days and folks should embrace it. Conclusion is that i mostly agree with Pete. Do you feel like I do? 😉

  2. He can not ask for much, the fans going for 3 reasons, enjoy music, see our favorite artist and take home some memories … The unfortunate thing is the noise of the people present that night.

  3. Do not forget Peter! thank youtube you can make your tour around the world and you and your music still in force. So you do not be so ungrateful!!!

  4. “The show with Warren was a private jam and Should Have Remained private.” He never said the show was private, two very important details and delete the videos why? people enjoy the music and not always as important to the quality, only matter enjoy!

  5. I agree that people should not go to a show if not interested in the artist, for it is better to stay at home watching a movie.

  6. Shut the f… up Frampton. You’re complaining to the wrong people (your fans) about something the “right” people (the ones in attendance) don’t give a s**t about. The people in attendance weren’t there to see you. 99.9% of them would have NO idea who you were if you walked by them on the street. $4.1m was raised for CANCER RESEARCH – the actual reason the event took place.

    It wasn’t your event. Hell, you were a guest of the Warren Haynes Band, it REALLY wasn’t your event.

    You were in a position to correct this “issue” by simply saying into the microphone “hey guys, lets put the phones down and have some fun” – but you didn’t. And make no mistake, 4 out of 5 people there were holding their phones up, recording the whole thing, while talking to everyone around them.

    Instead you went on a Facebook rant (good job plugging your CD/DVD – nice to know where your heart really is). Do you think the 11 of us that were in attendance specifically for the music portion of the evening enjoyed listening to all those people blather on incessantly about who they saw that night? We didn’t.

    I’m absolutely certain the best video taken that evening was by the fellow who posted those YouTube clips. He made an effort to avoid standing near people shouting at full volume vs. talking loudly (no easy task). I know this because he’s one of the 11 who was actually exited about the music portion of the evening. Of the HUNDREDS!!! of videos being taken at this “private jam”, just be thankful THOSE were the videos posted.

    ps. I like how you completely omitted the part about how the press (“profesional” photographers) took up more than half of the front ‘row’ and had their backs turned to you while chatting with the people behind them for at least 80% of the show. Wouldn’t want to upset the people who help sell your poorly selling project would you.

  7. I get the chatting. last year at phish at msg there were a group of like 10 people who would not shut the fuck up. they were taking pics of themselves fake smoking a “J” and making fun of the “hippies” i asked them nicely to please be quiet and they told me to mind my own business. they left at set break. the taping doesnt bother me but i prefer to listen watch and dance and not be bothered with a phone or a camera. to each their own but please when trey is ripping piper please have some respect and shut the fuck up. if you want to miss half the show by taking pics to each their own but shut up about it already! what really gets me is im shut out this year and refuse to pay over face and I bet there are thousands of kids there just going bc A its phish and B its at msg. those kids were going clubbing we just laughed and said this is the biggest club of the night. Thanks Scotty for all you do and bringing this to light. love your site!

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