Stormy Mondays: 20 Year Old Forbin’s > Mockingbirds

As a companion to Eric Wilbur’s Twenty Years Later piece, this week’s Stormy Mondays column also pulls from Phish’s magical year of 1992…

From the twenty years ago file, this week we have a pair of great Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbirds. The first is from New Year’s Eve in Boston at Matthews Arena, a version with fantastic narration that draws the audience up into the atmosphere and down in the icy depths of the ocean. The second is from the Thanksgiving shows at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, which much more disturbingly has the audience travel into Fishman’s ear.

Those two nights are simply fantastic, two of the best of the era—surely they’re candidates for an archival release. I actually wore out my old Maxell XL II’s listening to those shows throughout my college years and had to hunt down my original first gen source to get new versions. Love ‘em. As always, enjoy!

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