Jose Gonzalez Releasing New Album In September

After  four  years  of  constant  touring    including   a breathtaking performance  at  the  2007  Coachella  Music  Festival  – José  González returns with his second album "In  Our  Nature"  released  September 25, 2007.

"In Our Nature" sees González  coming  into  his own  as  a songwriter – with songs that are as instantly accessible  as they  are  brimming with darkness and brooding intensity. "I like playing  with  symbolism," says González. "On this album I’ve wanted to bring out the primitive  aspects of human beings." In addition to González on guitar and vocals  are Erik Bodin, percussion and Yukimi Nagamo, backing vocals. The  album  art for "In Our Nature" is done by Elias Araya,, who  also  did  the artwork for Veneer.

González is currently on tour in South America, which will  be  followed by a number of festivals this summer and two  US  tours  in the  fall of 2007. US audiences will get their first taste  of  "In Our  Nature" when González plays the Spiegeltent in NYC August 21, 2007.


Album Tracklist:

1. How Low
2. Down The Line
3. Killing For Love
4. In Our Nature
5. Teardrop
6. Abram
7. Time To Send Someone Away
8. The Nest
9. Fold
10. Cycling Trivialities

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