Generals and Majors: Generals and Majors


At a breezy 28 minutes, the self-titled demo from Generals and Majors is a lo-fi high-time. The album itself should come presoaked in the brown party liquor of your choice as the booze and excitement crash from the start until the propulsive bass and drum finish of “Time Off For Good Behavior.” “Drink from My Cup” and “Every Night’s a Bust in NYC” crunch with AC/DC stomp, Guns and Roses wail and the chaos of the Stooges. Especially noticeable throughout are twin axemen Jesse “The General” Jones and Rich Majors who weave and soar around the low-end like an athletic stripper working a pole. It’s a tried and true formula (yet noticeably absent from modern rock), melodic high-powered dueling guitar solos, sing along chorus and a beat you can move to, rubbed down with some dirty lyrical flavor – these boys got it.

Calling you to arms from rock’s nether worlds, Generals and Majors swagger to the front lines of good ol’ fashion ass kicking rock and roll, neat, no chaser (well maybe a live “Mother” chaser). So strap on some cheap beers and a cheaper dance partner, the battle lines are drawn.

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