One More $hot: Rolling Stones Want $40 For Live Stream

As we reported back in October, The Rolling Stones‘ final 50 & Counting run show, which takes place at Newark’s Prudential Center on December 15th, will be broadcast live as a Pay-Per-View special. The Stones have teamed up with the WWE to distribute the live special. Today, the full list of cable providers offering the $40 special has been posted along with ordering details. It has also been revealed that fans can watch the show over the web via Yahoo! Music.

We’ll be interested to see how many potential viewers pony up the $40 fee to watch online. While $40 is in line with other Pay-Per-View specials, it’s way more than our readers are used to spending on live music webcasts. Just ask Butch Trucks about how Moogis and its high prices worked out for him. Purchasers will be able to watch the show on-demand for up to 30 days after the event.

Would you spend $40 to watch the Stones from Newark on the web or on TV?

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4 thoughts on “One More $hot: Rolling Stones Want $40 For Live Stream

  1. Gary Reply

    It’s $45 for HD from Fios.

  2. Wally Reply

    I’ll just throw on my Some Girls blu-ray instead and pretend it’s a live stream from 1978.

  3. PG Reply

    49.95 plus tax on DirecTV!! Whew. No thanks.

  4. billyorbit Reply

    let me think… uhm.. no FU mick jagger

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