Old Umphrey’s McGee Documentary Surfaces on YouTube

Early next year Umphrey’s McGee will celebrate their 15th anniversary together as a band, so we were already feeling nostalgic about the group’s early days. Way back in 2001, just three years into UM’s career, Umphreaks Jared Scott and Michael Tanoury put together an hour-long documentary about this band on the rise called “Nachos For Two” that has just surfaced on YouTube.

The film contains interviews with the band members, concert footage and a behind-the-scenes look at the band house. There’s so many wonderful moments included within such as the members of UM working out a tough transition verbally and then pulling it off in concert, Jake Cinninger showing his multi-instrumental prowess and former drummer Mike Mirro talking about not wanting to play bars throughout his 20s. That’s not even mentioning the concert and practice footage including The Fuzz, Last Man Swerving, ’40s Theme and All In Time. While the YouTube clip clearly came from a VHS tape and isn’t the best quality, this is a must-see video for Umphrey’s fans…

The hour-long documentary is followed by 30 minutes of concert footage.

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3 thoughts on “Old Umphrey’s McGee Documentary Surfaces on YouTube

  1. MikeyHerman Reply

    This takes me back. With all respect for Kris, I wish Mikey would come back for another run. Just one more run, man! In Vermont. Ending at the Wtlands.

  2. Ocean Billy Reply

    Need to get my hands on the high quality version. Film looks siiiiiick.

  3. Kamelreds Reply

    Look at how OLD Joel looks!

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