Unofficial 31 Days of Dead – 2012 Edition: Day Twenty

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December 20

Black-Throated Wind
2/21/95 Delta Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Being a Deadhead in the 1990’s was similar in many ways to being a New York Mets fan. Since I am a fan of both I feel uniquely qualified to comment. Needless to say, a great deal of time is spent hoping and praying for any small kind of miracle to happen but more often than not your band/team disappoints you. Despite all of the repeated heartbreaks, you try to remain strong and loyal but deep down your spirit is slowly breaking with each let down. And just when you think you can’t take it any longer – BAM – your heroes surprise you with other-worldly magic that keeps your dreams alive.

In 1995, Deadheads witnessed a precipitous and alarming decline in Jerry’s appearance and musical performance. He often seemed lost onstage and both his singing and guitar playing was frustratingly inaudible. Despite these problems there were also moments of greatness that gave us hope. These precious moments included the debut of Unbroken Chain (3/19), the raging double-time finish in Iko Iko in Philly (3/18) and this towering version of Black-Throated Wind in Salt Lake City (2/21).

With an acoustic guitar strapped on his shoulder, Bobby charged into one of the very best versions of BT Wind since its comeback. The finale is one for the ages as he throws himself into the microphone, growling the lyrics while Jerry triumphantly wails away with his trademark licks. Hearing this kind of magic is incredibly uplifting and makes all of that pain and misery worth it…well, almost!

In the immortal words of Tug McGraw, “Ya Gotta Believe.”

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9 thoughts on “Unofficial 31 Days of Dead – 2012 Edition: Day Twenty

  1. GregO Reply

    Ed – Is link correct? I keep getting redirected to the 12/18 Jack-A-Roe.

  2. Jason Harvell Reply

    Ed the link is the same link as yesterday Jam>Jack-A-Roe.

  3. PotvinRocks Reply

    The Omni 3/27/95 “Sugaree” doesn’t get the attention it deserves because it was played in 95. The “So Many Roads” from that show is also great, Jerry Falsetto. I do realky like to 2 drummer sound of “BT Wind”

  4. Jay Gerland Reply

    The llama link goes to 1978.

  5. chris Reply

    Ed you really should be running the one on too! thanks man! Alive in 95!

  6. Mike Reply

    Nice post. This show has always been one of my favorites from 95. The Visions is probably my favorite version as well.

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