Southern Culture on the Skids : Countrypolitan Favorites

[Countrypolitan] is where rural and urban sensibilities meet.  It’s when you see trucker hats being sold in Beverly Hills boutiques.” – Rick Miller, SKOTS front man

Dissonant vocal harmonies and moog undertones characterize the rockabilly outfit Southern Culture on the Skids’ release, Countrypolitan Favorites.  Taking some cues from the late Roy Orbison, the trio covers several standards (from the Golliwogs and CCR to Don Gibson to the Kinks), giving them a polished twang and electronic synth feel.  Rick Miller (banjo, guitar, percussion, and album producer) and Mary Huff (bass, moog synthesizer, keys, percussion) trade lead vocals throughout the disc, providing an energetic interplay for the lively songs.  Miller’s rich baritone lays a thick finish on top of the boot-scooting tunes while Huff’s saccharine tones are “sweeter than honey.”  Dave Hartman (drums, backing vocals) rounds out the trio, contributing marching rhythms and a rock and roll sensibility.  Some of the songs have a tongue-in-cheek vibe, as the vocal affectations seem a little overdone and the  instrumental tartness a bit campy.  The liner photos further exhibit their lighthearted attitude, as the three are pictured in cheesy Glamour-shots poses, complete with wallet-sized, signed photographs. 

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