Official Videos: Members of Phish Show Off Their Rigs

UPDATE (1/15/13): Phish Has Started Posted Official Versions of These Videos To Their Vimeo Page, So We’ve Updated Our Post With Them

Throughout the year when Phish webcasts were shown on, webcast viewers were shown mini-documentaries about the quartet’s touring rigs at setbreak. Each member took a turn hosting the segments and explaining how they each get the sounds that Phish fans are so familiar with. If you missed any of these segments, we’ve compiled them here for your viewing pleasure.

Trey Anastasio Explains His Guitar Rig and Effects, Pts 1 & 2

Mike Gordon Explains His Bass Rig and Effects, Pts. 1 & 2

Jon Fishman Talks Beats and Drums

Page McConnell Explains His Keyboard Rig, Pt. 1

Page McConnell Explains His Keyboard Rig, Pt. 2

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3 Responses

  1. Yes! Awesome work bringing these together, you do a great service to us all Scotty B! Hope 2013 brings you nothing but the best!

  2. So awesome… thanks for this compilation – as a musician and Phish fan, I have been studying what these guys have been doing for years up there. This is mindblowing to me – don’t care if I sound like a geek! Thanks again!

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