The Number Line: Phish Attendance and Gross Sales 2012

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For this edition of The Number Line we take a look at the attendance figures as well as the total gross from each headlining gig Phish played in 2012. All figures within this post were sourced from Billboard’s Box Scores with the exception of the quartet’s three-night stand at Bader Field in Atlantic City.

Whatever you think of the music Phish delivered in 2012, the figures below show it was a successful year at box offices when the band came to town. Bear in mind that the financial figures provided are gross sales and do not represent what Phish took home from each gig. For the just-completed New Year’s Run, we used last year’s figures to give you an idea of what we can expect when Billboard posts the 2012 numbers.

Summer Tour Leg One (Date(s), Venue, Tickets Sold, Capacity, Total Gross):

6/7 and 6/8 @ DCU Center, Worcester MA = 25,346 / 28,666 / $1,520,760

6/15, 6/16 and 6/17 @ Bader Field, Atlantic City NJ = 58,990 / Unavailable / Unavailable

6/19 and 6/20 @ nTelos Wireless Pavilion, Portsmouth VA = 13,780 / 13,780 / $827,400

6/22 @ Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati OH = 11,075 / 20,500 / $581,400

6/23 @ First Niagara Pavilion, Burgettstown PA = 12,925 / 23,085 / $683,220

6/24 @ Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls OH = 11,220 / 20,551 / $595,305

6/28 – 6/29 @ Klipsch Music Center, Noblesville IN = 25,759 / 50,000 / $1,343,265

6/30 – 7/1 @ Alpine Valley, East Troy WI = 35,223 / 71,200 / $1,811,415

7/3 – 7/4 @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh NY = 28,556 / 28,556 / $1,713,360

7/6 – 7/8 @ Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs NY = 62,354 / 75,000 / $3,040,815

Summer Tour Leg Two (Date(s), Venue, Tickets Sold, Capacity, Total Gross):

8/15 @ Long Beach Arena, Long Beach CA = 13,121 / 13,121 / $787,260

8/17-8/19 @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco CA = 26,259 / 26,259 / $1,575,540

8/22 @ Starlight Theater, Kansas City MO = 7,414 / 7,414 / $444,840

8/24 @ Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham AL = 10,345 / 10,345 / $567,630

8/25 @ Aaron’s Amphitheatre, Atlanta GA = 18,793 / 18,793 / $950,565

8/26 @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte NC = 13,296 / 18,812 / $711,915

8/28 @ Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis MO = 7,425 / 9,978 / $445,500

8/29 @ Zoo Amphitheatre, Oklahoma City OK = 6,474 / 9,500 / $388,505

8/31 – 9/2 @ Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City CO = 60,124 / 73,533 / $3,355,628

New Year’s Run (Date(s), Venue, Tickets Sold, Capacity, Total Gross):

12/28 – 12/31 (2011) @ Madison Square Garden, New York NY = 75,707 / 75,707 / $4,387,679

These figures are from last year’s four-night New Year’s Run at the same venue. 

[via The Barn Presents]


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24 thoughts on “The Number Line: Phish Attendance and Gross Sales 2012

  1. kip conner Reply

    It’s a safe bet that 20% of the daily gross went to the promoter, which was LiveNation in most cases. However, LiveNation paid back a reported $1 million dollar bonus to the band for playing all LiveNation venues. Thus, the main reason why Phish played Aaron’s instead of Verizon in Atlanta last summer.

  2. ben baity Reply

    But they played the Bill Graham Civic and that is NOT a Live nation venue.

  3. bryontreece Reply

    Didn’t realize how far below capacity a bunch of those shows were. Literally tickets on the ground, huh?

  4. Phriend Reply

    Neither is Dick’s

  5. camelwalk Reply

    Total gross of somewhere between 30-35 million (bader numbers estimated).

    But an even better question of money is how much gross on beer sales for a phish year?

  6. Monk Reply

    So that breaks down to a cool $28.25 Million for 35 days work. Before all costs and Red Light fees and Taxes – and I used an ~$2.5 million for Bader Field.

  7. goff_party Reply

    yeah. despite being very successful, you are correct bryontreece, there were several summer venues that were @ approx. 60% capacity. I love to look at older summer tour #’s from late 90’s compared to now. While the band is still incredibly popular and successful, Phish’s summer tour ticket #’s previously were insanely successful.

    also, a $1 million bonus doesnt sound like that much of huge payoff for strictly playing jive_nation venues….

    • Gordo G Reply

      You have to account for the fact that in those years where Phish was practically selling out each venue, ticket prices where a lot less then they are now. I believe I paid 22.50 for my 97 ticket to the Nutter Center in Dayton which was my first taste into the amazing world of Phish. Although Phish is selling less tickets on recent tours, I would bet that they are grossing close to, if not more now then the tours of the bands peak years. I would also wager to bet that the reason Phish is selling less tickets has a large part to do with the price they are charging for tickets. Albeit worth every penny!

  8. RichardHead Reply

    Do we think Phish takes half of the gross?

  9. Nic M. Reply

    I wonder if those numbers include the money they get from the webcasts and live downloads for each show. Not to mention the merchandise sales every night.

    • Scott Bernstein Reply

      I don’t believe they include anything but ticket sales

  10. Phishbeat Reply

    No wonder the boys love SPAC, Dick’s and MSG…the per night gross is highest at those venues. It’s no wonder they’re in particularly good moods those nights!

  11. Dan Reply

    I wonder what the sales are for the webcasts… and how much they cost to produce. I’ve watched a bunch and NYE seemed like a more advanced affair with cool fades and whatnot.

    • larry Reply

      I thought that too, maybe the operating cost of the venue are less so they make more?

      • James Reply

        Not really, Deer Creek night one was empty and they never opened the Green Lot at Alpine for the two shows. There have certainly been tickets on the ground at both sites every time they’ve played them since ’09. I just hope they keep playing them as it is always a great time

        • Aaron Reply

          Night one Deer Creek was oppressively hot – something like 105 degrees…hurt attendance bad…hope they return

          • matt

            yeah i think they will be back. those two venues are like an old favorite shoe to those guys

  12. Riker420 Reply

    Don’t assume the band gets this money or that it actually hits their top line. Some Live Nation contracts take all gross sales and pay musicians an agreed-to amount regardless of how many tickets are sold. In those cases, with a bang like Phish, they are usually paid MORE than ticket sales, and the venue makes it up in BEER and FOOD. $$$

  13. tiedyejeremy Reply

    great information here. Thanks, Scott. It is interesting to see how many venues were so far from full, and it makes me wonder if some of those empty venues will attract more people in the future, just because of the atmosphere. on second thought, nope.
    interesting info, Riker420

  14. some is off Reply

    Long beach at capacity. my ass. some of these numbers are off based on attending the shows, but still cool to see a ballpark idea of what went down this summer. They earned it, and always have. Just wish after seeing them since ’96 I had some Phish stock or something. Free ticket here or there. I am very content with my memories, experience and friends though. Thanks for an amazing year, looking forward to this ‘big’ 2013. Put out an album, festival, and mix up NYE run.

  15. lib4 Reply

    There are way too many east coast shows hence the 65% capacity. Phish needs to cut down the East Coast shows to pump up their sales. Us East Coasters are too spoiled and too jaded. If you look at west coast numbers they are hitting 85%+ capacity. Supply and Demand peeps…

  16. Henry Holland Reply

    Per #15, that’s right, Long Beach was not a sellout, no way no how, the upper sections were 1/4 full. I really enjoyed the show, it was the only Phish should I could make it to this year. 🙁

    Sure, the tickets are pricier compared the 90’s, but overall Phish is still a great bargain: 2:45-3:00 of music for about $75 (after all the fees are added). Compare that to other arena acts who charge $300 for 90 minutes of the exact same show every night.

  17. jaykeuka Reply

    Interesting numbers, I always wondered about this info, but thought it might be closely guarded secrets for some reason. But, phish will always be an east coast band, the energy on the east coast at shows is much higher than west coast. I have had many phans tell me this. Simply based on the decibel level of the audience when throwing down teases and phunky jams.

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