Interpol: Our Love to Admire


It was just around four years ago that Interpol were the kings of the new-wave/post punk revival scene, as they glamorized NYC cool in their Italian suits.  Now the notorious Carlos D, the bassist whose once asymmetrical hair-do, pale complexion, combat boots and leather gun holster embraced Interpol’s dark side, has evolved into a Brandon Flowers Old West style with a shiny new bolo and mustache.  With their third album, Our Love to Admire, is Interpol suddenly out with Joy Division and in with the Killers?

Although it’s unfair to compare Our Love to Interpol’s powerful debut, Turn on the Bright Lights, it’s easy to be disappointed, even it still holds that 4:00 am Interpol vibe.  Things peak with the haunting “No 1. in Threesome,” The Scale” and the first single “ The Heinrich Maneuever.”  Paul Bank does his best Morrissey on steroids, with a rough pomp that carries the Interpol sound. The rhythm section is thrown in the background throughout, as the lead instruments dominate, giving the beats a simplistic quality that reveals “wearisome.”  Fortunately, Interpol is saved by the two closers – “Wrecking Ball” and “The Lighthouse” – which captures a surreal experimentation in Bank’s voice. Unfortunately no new ground is broken on Our Love To Admire, making this effort, much like the Killers, likely forgettable in a few years.

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