Technology Tuesday: Discovering New Music with DeliRadio

There’s tons of ways to discover new music and we’ve highlighted a bunch of them here on Technology Tuesday. These include checking out what your friends are listening to on This Is My Jam, what bands your friends are interested in on TastermakerX, what mix tapes people are listening to on Everyone’s Mixtape, new bands on Daytrotter, what’s playing on the radio with TuneInRadio or new releases from your favorite artists on MOG or Spotify. Of course there’s tons more too including social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Even with this arsenal of tools, it can still be tough for the live music lover to figure out what to go see live.

DeliRadio helps solve that problem and is made specifically for the live music and concert lover. Both a website and mobile app for Android and iOS, DeliRadio lets you find, discover and listen to music from bands playing near you. Simply fire up the app or go to website and create a streaming radio station of music coming to your town. Diddle with the parameters (radius you are willing to travel, genre and timeframe) and kick back and listen to your custom radio station. Needless to say, when you find something you are interested in, you can get details on the venue, date, bio of the band and even pictures of the performer. Several other cool features are available as well.

What is this and why do I need yet another way to discover new music? For many music lovers, it is all about the live show and concert. It is easy to keep track of your favorites and know when they are coming to town- but what about all the other great performers and bands that may not be on your radar screen? It is hard to believe that there is such a dearth of  apps and websites built around the local music experience. DeliRadio helps to fill that void by allowing you to create streaming radio stations of performers coming up soon in your area.

What criteria can I search for? From the website or one of the mobile apps, you can drill down and create a custom station based upon several criteria. First, let the app geolocate your location or simply type in your city. Then, you can dictate the proximity to the city that you want to search. You can make this anywhere from 1 mile to 2000 miles. Then, tell DeliRadio the date range of shows that you are interested in searching. This can range from as immediate as “Tonight”, to “This Week” and so forth all the way up to “All Dates”. If you’d like, you can specify or exclude particular genres. Your results can be laid out in a graphical “grid” view so you can see all the bands picture thumbnails, a simple list view, or a map view which can come in handy if you are searching a wider radius than one city.

You can also search particular venues.  So if you have a favorite local haunt, you can browse upcoming acts just there. Likewise, you can search bands that you know and see where they are performing, or even search for artists from a particular city. Similar to searching venues, “Festivals” are also represented allowing you to check out the line-up of the festival you be attending.

[Search Page. Here, I’ve searched 15 miles from Boston in the next two weeks]

Now what? Stream your custom station and enjoy the tunes. Create an account to save your favorites, playlists and searches. Listen to everything upcoming in the next couple of months in your home town or perhaps only the shows tonight if traveling and will only be there for one night. If you find a performer you enjoy, you can drill down and find the details of the venue, other upcoming dates, bio on the band, peruse pictures, “favorite” for later playback, or just stream songs from that performer.

Other features Obviously you can find ticketing info and links to purchase as well as directions to the venue. DeliRadio also allows you to link to your Twitter, Facebook and address book and connect with friends for sharing bands and shows. There’s even an @ button on the mobile app allowing you to Tweet directly to any of the artists with accounts.

[Local Venue Search on Mobile App]

Limitations DeliRadio does not have the most exhaustive listings of everything going on in a particular city. (However, coupled with JamBase or the JamBase App, you’ll have a pretty decent listing of upcoming dates anywhere you are.) While there are nationally known bands as well as large regional bands you are likely already familiar with, a large part of the “inventory” of bands and performers is indie and locally centered. Bands upload their own content also and some only have a handful of songs available to stream vs. others that have a dozen or more. The nice thing is that the music is all full tracks and not just clips.

Bottom Line DeliRadio, either on the Web or a mobile app, is gorgeously designed with an intuitive interface. It is great for easily listening to music from bands and performers playing in a particular location either home or when travelling. While the listings are not exhaustive and all-encompassing, most cities have a pretty good amount of shows and bands listed. I particularly enjoy DeliRadio when I am travelling as an easy way of checking to see if there are any shows I am interested in attending. A relative new comer on the music scene at about one year old, I expect the features and listings of artists to continue to grow. Check out DeliRadio, connect with your friends, search the venues, stream some good music and who knows: You just might find your next favorite band!

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