Video: Zach Gill w/ Joel Cummins – Handy Man

Ever since the MSC Poesia returned to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday morning, our pal Steve of CheeseHead Productions has been uploading footage from Jam Cruise 11 to YouTube at a fast and furious pace. One of the high points of each evening was the solo atrium piano sets featuring keyboardists such as Ivan Neville, Kyle Hollingsworth and Nigel Hall. On Thursday night Zach Gill of ALO took the honors and delivered an exceptional 90-minute, curfew-busting set.

Among the tunes Gill performed was a version of Handy Man from his 2008 solo album Stuff that featured Joel Cummins on Umphrey’s McGee sharing the piano with Zach. Check out Steve’s video of this performance, extra points if you can spot me…

Zach Gill w/ Joel Cummins – Handy Man

Later, Gill covered Purple Rain with the help of Cummins…

Zach Gill w/ Joel Cummins – Purple Rain

And take a look at Gill’s cover of Scenes From An Italian Restaurant…

Zach Gill – Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

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