Video: Furthur @ Sweetwater 1/16 – Entire Show

Last night Furthur played their first show of 2013 as they kicked off a four-night stand at the intimate Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, Calif. All four shows will be webcast via the venue’s website with the exception of Friday’s performance which you can stream at Yahoo! Music.

If you missed last night’s webcast, we came across a rip of the first set…

Furthur @ Sweetwater – 1/16 (Set One)

Set One: Playing in the Band Jam > Deal, Black Throated Wind, Brown-Eyed Women, My Brother Esau, Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues, High Time, Throwing Stones

And here’s Set Two in two parts thanks to Mike Edwards…

Set 2: Greatest Story Ever Told > Foolish Heart > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Bird Song > Uncle John’s Band > Black Peter > Going Down the Road Feeling Bad > And We Bid You Good Night, Phil Rap

Encore: Ripple > Playin Reprise

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3 Responses

  1. how bout todays rip/////i wacthed the whole thing….except for getting kicked for too many people watchin show… right back on… friggin jk and jc rock….i guess its easy when u play with the likes of bobby and the cornell…(cunnilingus) that he claimed during that famed halloween broadcast of the dead…in movie theaters no less….that Jackie O…gave him that nickname….captain trips and the cornell….wow that had video is just awesome….fill got a terpapin on his sholder strap…prob for that family band they have…and bob’s got a shamrock(or 4 leaf clover on his kareoke moniter…lol…i like shammy myself…i think he’s a celtics fan from the walton days….and when i saw ratdog in hampton beach…aroun 07-08…he grabbed a rondo jersey and put it on for encore..from a fan at the show…nice website….1st time i been here…my buddy mailed me link from the 1/16 rip….put all the rips up if u can….i wouldn t think the boyz would mind….like Jerry always said, once were thru with it ne1 can have the music….peace,love and bellbottoms….tyvm for rip….made my night yesterday

  2. opps….in the begining of rant i ment too say rip was great…but what i got kicked from was 1/17 webcast….tyvm

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