Articles by: Brice Ezell

Blu-ray Review: ‘Song to Song’ and Terrence Malick’s Austin

Terrence Malick's latest hits home release, but is it worth your time?

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Blu-ray Review: ‘Free Fire’ Comes Home with a Hail of Bullets

Ben Wheatley's shoot-em-up is out now on Blu-ray.

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Jens Lekman Creates Finest Album To Date With ‘Life Will See You Now’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Ten years ago, night fell over Kortadela. On his vividly colored, sample-heavy 2007 breakthrough LP, Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman juxtaposes vibrant pop with dryly funny quotidian narratives. Lekman is adept at making even the most ...

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The Avett Brothers Struggle Against Production Values on ‘True Sadness’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

There’s an ongoing debate about the state of the Avett Brothers’ music that begins with 2009’s Rick Rubin-produced I and Love and You. The Avett Brothers, a North Carolina-based group led up by Scott and ...

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Deafheaven Sharpens Its Attack on ‘New Bermuda’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Sunbather, the 2013 album by the then Bay Area (now Los Angeles) “metalgaze” outfit Deafheaven, was, and arguably still is, dangerously close to merchandising itself into self-parody. The record’s sleeve art (designed by Nick Steinhardt) ...

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Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic (ALBUM REVIEW)

Regardless of what one’s opinion of Between the Buried and Me’s 2012 concept LP The Parallax II: Future Sequence is, it’s hard to deny one thing: it’s certainly the band’s Most Album. Running 72 minutes ...

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The Mowglis – Kids in Love (ALBUM REVIEW)

If nothing else, the California rock outfit the Mowgli’s will always have “San Francisco”. That tune, a jubilant ode to “being in love with love”, is no doubt guilty of pressing all the standard pop ...

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Brian Wilson -No Pier Pressure (ALBUM REVIEW)

No Pier Pressure answers a lot of questions, many if not most of which the world probably didn’t need to ask in the first place. These include: “What if Carnival Cruise Lines hired Brian Wilson ...

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Punch Brothers – The Phosphorescent Blues (ALBUM REVIEW)

On their fourth LP, Punch Brothers continue to push themselves compositionally, balancing the cerebral and emotional aspects of their music.

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Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World (ALBUM REVIEW)

Ten years have passed since the Toronto bass and drums duo Death from Above 1979 released its debut LP, the high-octane You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine. For a good while, it seemed that record ...

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