Picture Show: Whites Stripes in Canada (Eh?)

Our main man Danfun hath returned from Canada, where he caught The White Stripes’ 10th Anniversary show. Hey, Dan: Get a job, ya hoser…

The White Stripes tour de Canada was nothing short of astounding. The duo played secret show after secret show, setting up in locations that moved from bowling alleys to public buses to the back of boats. The full tour built up to an exciting conclusion this past weekend, when the band played Nova Scotia.

All photos by Danfun

I flew into Halifax early on Friday morning, and early in the day the band played a secret show located in a banquet hall that was just packed. Friday’s show featured a great set, which saw the band come out wearing kilts. The band set up was really crazy for Halifax: There was a makeshift catwalk platform on which Jack could play guitar while moving across it, and it gave off the illusion that his feet were putting off smoke. We’ll move on to the anniversary gig, but Union Forever and Catch Hell Blues stand out as highlights of the early Halifax show.

Read on for more great photos and videos from Danfun’s trip to Canada…

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