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Stars- No One Is Lost (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=8.00] Known for a catalogue of passionate, emotional and cathartic albums and tracks, Stars latest No One Is Lost, (out October 14th) kicks off on a surprisingly, and enjoyably, buoyant

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Neon Trees – Pop Psychology (Album Review)

There’s some wit here, and even smart anecdotes on our social media-driven culture, which will keep listeners thinking while they tap their feet, but with uninspired music backing that type of sharp cultural reflection, the result is a somewhat hollow offering from a band that’s shown they’re capable of much more.

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The Civil Wars – The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars eponymous second record, likely exemplifying the irony of their band name better now than ever, is an intensely melancholy and yet genre-expanding contribution from a band we may never hear from again.

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Rufus Wainwright: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC 02/12/2013

One leaves a Rufus Wainwright concert torn between the terrible choice of giving in to their desire to listen to songs they just heard as album versions set against the stark reality that the version they heard live will almost certainly cause the audio version to pale in comparison– and this goes even for solo shows like the one at the 9:30 Club.

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Local Natives: Hummingbird

On their sophomore release Hummingbird, Local Natives engage listeners in an unexpectedly mature and serious album that divides its time well between showcasing vocals, instrumentation and emphasizing emotional melodies.

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The Lumineers: DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC 01/30/2013

No one knows how long the indie-folk moment The Lumineers are spearheading will stay aflame but with performances, and sold out shows like this audiences will likely be able to see a progression and hopefully a maturation from the jam-based folksy energy into something more.

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