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Chinese Bookie: El Rio, San Francisco, CA 3/31/08

Chinese Bookie is Viola Keeton and it seems whomever she can get of friends or audience members that want to dance backup for her.  Dressed in her dapper style with just a white guitar, she starts by singing acoustic for a few songs with lyrics like, “hope I don’t have to have another near death experience just to feel alive.”

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The Go! Team : North Six, Brooklyn, NY 3/22/2006

Always hesitant of a band with an exclamation point in their name, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into last week when I decided to roll on over to North Six in Brooklyn to check out The Go!Team. Shortly after 10:30, the three boys and three girls of the Go!Team, stormed the stage clad with wristbands and donning their own personal style, they immediately started bouncing around and playing their hearts out like a pep rally gone rock and roll.

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Jesse Sykes 6/20/2004: FEZ Undertime Cafe – New York, NY

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter have arrived with the release of their newest album Oh My Girl. It is a beautiful compilation of vocals and instruments that when listened to, blends the moody sounds of eerie guitar and gorgeous longing voices.

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