Articles by: James Roberts

For Better or Worse, ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Delivers What You Came For (FILM REVIEW)

Eggsy returns with more mediocrity.

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Film Bits: Wes Anderson May Deliver His Most Wes Anderson Movie to Date

Plus, new trailers for The Punisher, Tomb Raider, Jumanji, and Murder on the Orient Express.

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Blu-ray Review: Sam Elliott’s Most Powerful Performance Moves ‘The Hero’

Emotionally resonant, Sam Elliott shines in this end of life existential drama.

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Blu-ray Review: ‘The Big Sick’ Comes Home

The best romantic comedy in years is now available to own.

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Film Bits: Streaming Wins Big at Emmy Awards

Plus, IT takes the box office for the second weekend in a row.

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‘American Assassin’ Misses Its Killshot (FILM REVIEW)

The jingoistic action thriller succeeds only at being kind of fun.

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Film Bits: ‘Star Wars’ Taps Abrams to Direct ‘Episode 9’

Plus, Patty Jenkins lands a monumental deal.

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‘May It Last’ Gets Up Close and Intimate with the Avett Brothers (FILM REVIEW)

Judd Apatow takes audiences on an intimate journey into the hearts of Scott and Seth Avett.

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‘It’ Floats Just Above Mediocrity (FILM REVIEW)

The new adaptation of the Stephen King novel is competent but ultimately lacking.

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Film Bits: Colin Trevorrow Out in ‘Star Wars’ Shakeup

Plus, a slew of new trailers promise an interesting end to the cinematic year.

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