Articles by: James Roberts

The Cinematic Majesty of ‘Phantom Thread’ (FILM REVIEW)

Paul Thomas Anderson outdoes himself with his stunning new film.

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‘Lady Bird’ Wins Big at 11th Annual Houston Film Critics Society Awards

The HFCS convened this weekend to celebrate all that was great in film, and Houston, in 2017.

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Golden Globes Ceremony Offers the Promise of Hope

The biggest winner at last night's Golden Globe awards was the promise of change.

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2018’s 20 Most Anticipated Films

These twenty films have the potential to make 2018 another memorable year at the movies.

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The Ten Best Films of 2017

The myth that cinema is dying continues to get shut down, as these ten films prove.

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Aaron Sorkin Delights with His Cinematic Directorial Debut ‘Molly’s Game’ (FILM REVIEW)

Jessica Chastain offers a brilliant performance in this witty thriller.

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‘Downsizing’ Thinks Too Small for Its Own Good (FILM REVIEW)

A valiant effort, sure, but Alexander Payne misses the mark big time.

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‘The Post’ is the Tribute to Journalism We Need Right Now (FILM REVIEW)

Spielberg returns to form with this journalism thriller.

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With ‘The Last Jedi’ Rian Johnson Becomes a Force to be Reckoned With (SPOILER FREE FILM REVIEW)

You've never seen Star Wars like this before.

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‘The Disaster Artist’ a Wild Success (FILM REVIEW)

Oh hi, awards season.

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