Articles by: James Roberts

Kiera Knightley Shines in Uneven But Charming ‘Colette’ (FILM REVIEW)

Knightley stars in a somewhat rote period biopic that ticks all its boxes delightfully.

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A ‘Breaking Bad’ Mystery is Solved on ‘Better Call Saul’ (TV RECAP)

"Lalo didn't send you?"

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Superficially Engaging, ‘Lizzie’ Ultimately a Shallow Reimagining (FILM REVIEW)

There’s an undeniable sense of atmosphere that permeates Lizzie—Chloe Sevigny’s long gestating passion project from director Craig William Macneill and writer Bryce Kass—that is, almost exactly what the movie wants to be. Taut, moody, deliberate, ...

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The Gap Continues to Widen for Kim and Jimmy on ‘Better Call Saul’ (TV RECAP)

How much more can these lovebirds take?

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‘A Simple Favor’ is a Shocking Delight (FILM REVIEW)

Paul Feig weaves a deliciously captivating spell in this twist on the thriller genre.

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You’ve Never Seen Anything Like ‘Mandy’ (FILM REVIEW)

Nothing can prepare you for this bizarre cinematic experience.

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‘The Predator’ Crashes and Burns (FILM REVIEW)

This is one terrible motherfu...never mind.

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Does ‘Better Call Saul’ Offer Hope for Jimmy? (TV RECAP)

In which Jimmy slips.

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Glenn Close Stuns in Powerful ‘The Wife’ (FILM REVIEW)

Glenn Close delivers the best performance of her career.

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Rest In Peace Burt Reynolds: Five Legendary Performances From Hollywood’s King of Suave

We look back on the legendary career of the incomparable Burt Reynolds.

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