Articles by: James Roberts

Netflix Lands Another Knock Out with ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two (TV REVIEW)

Hawkins, Indiana is as creepy and delightful as it ever was in the second season of the hit Netflix series.

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Halloween Screaming Guide

There's no need to risk the crowds and the mayhem of Halloween when you can stay home and enjoy these terrifying visions.

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The Power of ‘The Work’ (FILM REVIEW)

A stunningly emotional and heartfelt documentary, The Work is a must see film.

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The Flawed But Interesting Failure of ‘All I See Is You’ (FILM REVIEW)

It's a swing and a miss, but the swing is almost worth watching.

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Film Bits: ‘Phantom Thread’ Unleashes First Trailer

Plus, new trailers for I, Tonya and I Love You, Daddy.

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Vinyl Lives: Jerry Goldsmith’s ‘Alien’ Score Gets the Mondo Treatment

Jerry Goldsmith's terrifying score gets a beautiful new packaging.

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‘Mark Felt’ Fails to go Deep (FILM REVIEW)

Liam Neeson helps, but this Deep Throat biopic still chokes.

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‘Tragedy Girls’ An Enjoyable Romp Through the Slasher Sandbox (FILM REVIEW)

These girls are to die for, #Blessed

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Joys and Pains of Poverty Explored in ‘The Florida Project’ (FILM REVIEW)

Sean Baker's latest work is a poignant look at the forgotten segments of our society.

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A Perfect Circle Unleashes ‘The Doomed’ (SONG REVIEW)

A Perfect Circle returns with a perfect vengeance.

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