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Rock Climbing: College Rock, Hopkinton, MA

I got an irresistible invitation from a friend this month. My friend Tina called and asked if I wanted to go outdoor rock climbing with some of her climbing friends. She said they had an extra harness and all the gear I

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Mount Washington: The Coldest Peak On The Coldest Week

According to the Mt. Washington Weather Archive, during the recent weeklong freeze, January 17th was going to be the best day to make a summit attempt. The daytime air temps were above freezing and the wind wasn’t expected to be too much to handle. As it turned out, in the 24-hour period of the 17th, the avg wind speed was 94 mph with a maximum gust of 145 mph. Glide’s resident outdoor enthusiast took that forecast as a personal invite to climb the world’s windiest spot.

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Winter Hiking

When the first snow hits the ground many people put away the hiking gear for a number of reasons

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Summer Ends on The Saco

To bookend the summer, we usually take two camping trips, one around Memorial Day for a weekend on Cape Cod, the other near Labor Day where we canoe down the Saco River up in Maine. This year, due to everyone

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Glide Goes Gliding

Our flight began as we were towed up to about 2,500 feet before being detached. The pilot asked me to pull the red knob to my left towards me, slowly and all the way

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Freefall At 11,000 Feet

There are all sorts of ways to get the adrenaline pumping – rafting, climbing, downhill single track, but there

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High Mountain Park Preserve: Wayne, NJ

High Mountain Park Preserve sits in Wayne, NJ, on 1154 acres of protected land established by The Nature Conservancy in 1993. This hike is really close to Manhattan, maybe 35 minutes drive over the GW Bridge in the Preakness Range of the Watchung Mountains.

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Cooking in the Woods

Over the course of my Boy Scout experiences and subsequent wilderness trips, I have found that campfire cooking can really be quite exceptional. Following are a few great ideas, and some tips for cooking on a camping trip that are simple and very satisfying.

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