High Mountain Park Preserve: Wayne, NJ

High Mountain Park Preserve sits in Wayne, NJ, on 1154 acres of protected land established by The Nature Conservancy in 1993. This hike is really close to Manhattan, maybe 35 minutes drive over the GW Bridge in the Preakness Range of the Watchung Mountains. Nine ecological communities and 380 plant species (18 are rare species) have been identified at the site. There are some rock shelters in the area have actually been determined to be sites of pre-historic human habitation and the high points on the ridge were used in the American Revolution as signaling points. The summit ridge sits on some really interesting globally imperiled traprock. As the rock is weathered it form some really interesting patterns in the ground.

The trailhead is on the northern part of the William Patterson University campus directly across from the entrance to parking lot 6. There

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