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Squeeze – Glenn Tilbrook Tells Some, Not All

Thirty plus years later, something’s gotta give, but it’s not Glenn Tilbrook’s voice. His most recent lament involves a digit as he explains, “Right now I’m facing the most challenging thing I’ve ever dealt with, which is that there’s something wrong with my thumb.  I used to bend it around the top of the neck of the guitar and I can’t do that at all.  I’m looking to having surgery because it’s a pretty big impediment.”  The word arthritis comes to mind of which he retorts, “That’s what I was initially diagnosed with, but the latest doctor feels it’s ‘trigger thumb’ – where when you use something a lot it seizes up on you.” 

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Bruce Hornsby: The Bride Of The Noisemakers

It’s over 25 years since Bruce Hornsby keyed the world in on “The Way It Is” – a hit that earned him Best New Artist Grammy and helped launch the pianist’s music into a diverse and collaborative career. From The Range to The Bruce Hornsby Trio and eventually The Noisemakers, Hornsby continues to reinvent himself with spontaneous creativity.

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John Popper – Setting The Records Straight

John Popper, the iconoclastic frontman of Blues Traveler has once again re-invented himself with The Duskray Troubadours.  His month-long recording sessions in the mountains of New Mexico were much less a solo endeavor, and more or less a collaboration anchored by the strong musical bond between Popper and Jono Manson – bandmates from days of yore.  Popper put it best as, “A liberating, scrappy roots-rock alter ego of Blues Traveler.” 

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David Lowery – Going Solo 27 Years Later

Is David Lowery going solo these days? Yes and no, according to him. His latest collection, The Palace Guards, takes Camper and Cracker’s frontman to untouched territory within his mind and music.  What may sound familiar is the trusted circle of musicians Lowery has relied on for over 17 years and who are once again instrumental in creating the sounds for The Palace.

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The BoDeans: A Look Into The Life of Mr. Sad Clown

With their ninth studio album just released and a quarter of a century under their belt, Kurt Neumann and Sam Llanas bring their most exposed, vulnerable voices to the table with Mr. Sad Clown.  The result is the perfect balance of beauty, sadness and raw realism that encompasses the changing realities of their lives.

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Clem Snide – The Restless & Wry Eef Barzeley

He’s wry and restless and funny as hell.  He’s Eef Barzeley, front man for the alt-indie band Clem Snide and on February 23rd 429 Records will release The Meat of Life — 12 powerful tracks that showcase the silent sufferings and comedic moments that run through Barzelay’s head.

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John Oates – Goes Back To HIs Roots In The Village

The Village happens to be Greenwich, the time was 1960-something and the cast is John Oates with twelve other veteran musicians (including Lucinda Williams, Bruce Hornsby, Los Lobos, Rickie Lee Jones and Amos Lee) putting their spin on classic folk songs. The result is The Village: A Celebration Of The Music Of Greenwich Village – 429 Records’s folk compilation that pays homage to the music that shook the world from the corners of McDougal and Bleeker Street.

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Everclear – Can’t Keep Art Alexakis Down

It takes more than a few hard knocks to keep Art Alexakis down.  Riveting frontman and driving force behind the multi-platinum powerhouse Everclear, Alexakis has built up a devoted following based on songs culled from his own thorny past.  Issues of abandonment, early demons with drugs, sobriety and divorce are all chronicled through 17 years and eight albums.

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Chad Smith

The stars must have been perfectly aligned when Red Hot Chili Pepper’s drummer, Chad Smith, guitarist Jeff Kollman (Cosmosquad) and keyboardist Ed Roth were brought together to help out Glenn Hughes’ latest project.

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The Features – Some Kind Of Salvation

In July 2009, The Features released their highly anticipated sophomore album, Some Kind of Salvation on the newly formed Kings of Leon/429 Records/Bug Music Records label.  Recently performing at Bonnaroo, you could say they’ve come a long way or more likely, full circle.

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