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Daniel Johnston: The Death Of The Devil (INTERVIEW)

He was standing on the sidewalk beside his brother when I spotted him. They’d just returned from their nightly tour ritual: dinner and a visit to a comic book store. Johnston sucked on a cigarette, standing beside his brother, as fans flocked to him. Politely he shook hands and nodded hello, a bag of comic books protectively tucked under his arm. Dressed in grey – dark sweatpants and a light t-shirt, his bright white shoes and socks pulled up high – he couldn’t seem to get away from the hubbub fast enough as he hurried downstairs. I followed closely, thanking the musical gods for their kindness.

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moe. – The Year Of The Conch

For moe., 2006 was a killer year. Sure, they played and ran their own festivals, including the annual moe.down and snoe.down, as well as the second sailing of the And of course they took on their typically strong touring schedule, but all of that is normal for moe. No, it was a killer year because while it was full of accomplishments, it could have killed them in the process.

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