Articles by: Lee Zimmerman

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton Keep It Low Key On ‘Choir of the Mind’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Emily Haines isn’t the type to give anything away. With a career that includes such diverse ensembles as Metric and Broken Social Scene, the only consistency that can be counted on is her interest in ...

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The Dream Syndicate Cast Long Overdue Reunion On ‘How Did I Find Myself Here?’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Call it a comeback, or simply a reunion long overdue. Nearly 30 years after calling it a day, The Dream Syndicate, one the uncontested leader of L.A.‘s so-called paisley underground, are back in business, still ...

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Lilly Hiatt Proves Knowing and Persuasive Performer On ‘Trinity Lane’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Granted, it’s tempting to simply identify Lilly Hiatt as John Hiatt’s daughter. After all, it’s not uncommon for any offspring of a renowned artist to inevitably be bound to the family lineage.  Just ask Sean ...

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Todd Snider Leads Prolific Hard Working Americans On Live LP ‘We’re All In This Together’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

This latest entry from the humbly titled Hard Working Americans finds them doing what they do best, procuring crowd appreciation in a live setting. We’re All In This Together marks the band’s second live offering ...

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Matt Pond PA Closes It All Out With Stellar Finale’ ‘Still Summer’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

“Let’s remember how it could be,” Matt Pond, the ubiquitous namesake of the band that bears his name, sings on “Union Square,” a song that emits an upward glance and all the optimism Pond seems ...

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Will Hoge Shares Despair & Redemption With The Best of ‘Em On ‘Anchors’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

There’s no shortage of troubled troubadours documenting the legacy of America’s rural environs and the places where dreams and desire are frequently spawned. For his part, Will Hoge recognizes that even the most indelible epics ...

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Little Silver Takes Serendipitous Road On Debut LP ‘Somewhere You Found My Name’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Solace is a difficult thing to come by in this world, what with conflict, politicians and pontificators seizing the spotlight to the detriment of everything and everyone else. So credit Little Silver with taking on ...

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Saint Etienne Prolong Their Legacy On ‘Home Counties’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

When you’re branded as a cabaret band, it doesn’t exactly raise expectations that you’re capable of anything other than luring a crowd to the dance floor and keeping them enticed by simply maintaining a backbeat. ...

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Waxahatchee Brings Attitude and Aptitude with ‘Out In The Storm’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Katie Crutchfield — A.K.A. Waxahatchee — exemplifies grrrrl power without the grrrr. In other words, she recalls the happy-go-lucky girly exhilaration that was so prominent during the ‘80s, particularly all-girl groups like the Bangles and ...

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Bern Kelly’s ‘Lost Films’ Qualifies as Instant Classic (ALBUM REVIEW)

The obvious question that comes to mind on first exposure to Nashville singer/songwriter Bern Kelly and his excellent new album is, “Who is this guy and how has he managed to elude wider recognition. In ...

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