Articles by: Lee Zimmerman

Cary Brothers’ Unique Song Styling Proves Enduring On New LP ‘Bruises’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Cary Brothers is not a sibling ensemble. In fact, as an individual, Brothers may be the most accomplished artist making music these days while still remaining all but unknown to the vast numbers of the ...

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Fleetwood Mac Without Lindsey Buckingham: Eight Other Shocking Firings

If ever some creative Hollywood screenwriter wanted to fashion a soap opera around the chemistry of a rock ‘n’ roll band, all he or she would have to do is study the inner workings of ...

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The Moody Blues ‘Days of Future Passed Live’ Celebrates Rock & Roll Hall of Famers’ Greatest Opus (DVD REVIEW)

With the band’s declared intention not to release any new albums for the foreseeable future, as well as their temporary moratorium on another Moody Blues Cruise in 2019, it seems safe to assume that all ...

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Josh Rouse Establishes Smooth Groove On ‘Love in the Modern Age’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Josh Rouse has always taken an unassuming stance throughout most of his career, never making music that sounds so assertive as to detract from his generally supple style. Love in the Modern Age is no ...

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Gibson Guitars and the Guitarists Who Loved & Love Them

\The news that recently came across the wire about Gibson Guitar’s impending bankruptcy was not only discouraging, but it also a sign that we’re nearing the end of an era. The company supplied its instruments ...

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Blackberry Smoke Showcase Populist Appear On Rockin’ ‘Find a Light’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Consider Blackberry Smoke a group of retro-sounding rockers who also cling to contemporary credence. While their sound is clearly modeled on certain Southern Rock standard bearers — Skynyrd, the Allmans, Marshall Tucker and the like ...

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Eels (Mark Oliver Everett) Recover Their Muse On ‘The Deconstruction’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Eels’ new album, The Deconstruction, nearly didn’t happen. After taking a four-year hiatus from which he wasn’t certain that he’d return, Mark Oliver Everett, the band’s eternal mastermind and provocateur, slowly recovered his muse. It ...

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Great Peacock Is The Real Deal On ‘Gran Pavo Real’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

There are times where a band’s name and album cover provide little or no indication of what to expect. And when said references offer an image that’s the exact opposite of the music that accompanies ...

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Mark Huff’s Melodies Strike Solid On ‘Stars For Eyes’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Stars for Eyes is easily Mark Huff’s most accessible effort yet. It’s a set of songs that shows him making a stunning turn, from the darker, drier material that populated his earlier albums to a ...

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Erika Wennerstrom Wins With Emotive Anthems On Solo Debut ‘Sweet Unknown’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

While the Heartless Bastards have never been known as an especially timid bunch — indeed, their mix of roots and garage rock is generally flush with drama and defiance — the band’s previous efforts could ...

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