Articles by: Lee Zimmerman

Little Silver Takes Serendipitous Road On Debut LP ‘Somewhere You Found My Name’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Solace is a difficult thing to come by in this world, what with conflict, politicians and pontificators seizing the spotlight to the detriment of everything and everyone else. So credit Little Silver with taking on ...

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Saint Etienne Prolong Their Legacy On ‘Home Counties’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

When you’re branded as a cabaret band, it doesn’t exactly raise expectations that you’re capable of anything other than luring a crowd to the dance floor and keeping them enticed by simply maintaining a backbeat. ...

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Waxahatchee Brings Attitude and Aptitude with ‘Out In The Storm’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Katie Crutchfield — A.K.A. Waxahatchee — exemplifies grrrrl power without the grrrr. In other words, she recalls the happy-go-lucky girly exhilaration that was so prominent during the ‘80s, particularly all-girl groups like the Bangles and ...

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Bern Kelly’s ‘Lost Films’ Qualifies as Instant Classic (ALBUM REVIEW)

The obvious question that comes to mind on first exposure to Nashville singer/songwriter Bern Kelly and his excellent new album is, “Who is this guy and how has he managed to elude wider recognition. In ...

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Roger Waters’ ‘Is This The Life We Really Want?’ Follows Floyd Formula Precisely (ALBUM REVIEW)

Roger Waters is not the kind of guy that feels inclined to suppress his feelings or shy away from controversial comments, even at the risk of alienating fans and followers. His prickly temperament, particularly as ...

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Todd Adelman & The Country Mile Make Americana That Must Not Be Overlooked (ALBUM REVIEW)

Despite the fact he has six albums to his credit, each of which with a different ensemble, Colorado-based singer/songwriter Todd Adelman hasn’t gotten very much notice up until this point. It’s especially strange that he ...

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GospelbeacH Makes 70’s Southern California Goodness on ‘Another Summer of Love’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

GospelbeacH (the capital ‘H’ is intentional) front man Brent Rademaker is well versed in making music with a retro stance. His previous outfits — Beachwood Sparks, Everest, The Tyde, were all well versed in a legacy ...

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16 Year Old Sammy Brue’s Debut LP ‘I Am Nice’ Proves Natural Songwriting Gift (ALBUM REVIEW)

When most of us were sixteen, chances are we were dealing with acne issues, body changes and the mystery of the opposite sex. Well, the latter is still a concern for some, so consider that ...

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Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Make Bold Statement on Country Music With ‘The Nashville Sound’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

It’s time to consider Jason Isbell a bonafide superstar. That’s not just idle chatter, but a verified assessment given the fact that the former Drive-By Trucker is now the recipient of all sorts of critical ...

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Shannon McNally Enlists Rodney Crowell & An All Star Cast To Support on Boisterous ‘Black Irish’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Having originated in the most difficult of circumstances — after nursing her terminally ill mother and experiencing an exceptionally difficult divorce — Black Irish exudes none of the disappointment and despair one might have expected ...

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