Articles by: Lee Zimmerman

BNQT (Lytle, Bridwellm Kapranos, Healy, Pulido) Create Huge Unified Sound On ‘Volume 1’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

In most cases, so-called “supergroups” are best described as the sum of their parts. It’s fortuitous then to find a band such as BNQT creating a unified sound that doesn’t betray any singular influence of ...

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Ray Davies Lines Up Another Classic With ‘Americana’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Needless to say, Ray Davies needs no introduction. As the singer, songwriter, and erstwhile leader of the Kinks, one of the most remarkable bands to ever emerge out of England, he possesses a musical catalog ...

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String Cheese Incident Try Reaching For Elusive Magic Studio LP On ‘Believe’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

String Cheese Incident Try Reaching For Elusive Magic Studio LP On 'Believe' (ALBUM REVIEW)

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Paul McCartney Reissues 1989 Number 1 LP ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Paul McCartney Reissues 1989 Number 1 LP 'Flowers in the Dirt'

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Iggy Pop Turns 70 – Ten Living Legends Still Subscribing To The Punk Ethos (LIST)

Iggy Pop Turns 70 - Ten Other Living Legends of The Punk Ethos

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Imelda May Steps Out From Shadows On ‘Life, Love, Flesh, Blood’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

It’s not only odd but also ironic that for all her success supporting others — Jeff Beck, Lou Reed, Tom Jones, among them — Imelda May hasn’t been able to step out from the shadows ...

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Bridget Kearney Dives Out Solo On ‘Won’t Let You Down’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The fact that Lake Street Dive bassist, singer and songwriter Bridget Kearney’s initial solo album has arrived so quickly on the heels of her band’s rapid ascent to success suggests that stardom may be imminent, ...

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Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors Make The Quintessential Combo on ‘Souvenir’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Drew Holcomb has always been a passionate performer, making records that have been consistently satisfying since day one. Like Springsteen and Mellencamp he is, at his core, a well-traveled troubadour whose voice echoes the heartland ...

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Depeche Mode’s ‘Spirit’ Appeals Darkly To Legions of Followers (ALBUM REVIEW)

Truth be told, Depeche Mode have never been the most effusive bunch. And yet, their resilience is admirable. Formed in 1980, they’ve survived the prevailing winds of changing trends and diverging circumstance, not to mention ...

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Ha Ha Tonka Creates Rallying Cry Rocker LP With ‘Heart-Shaped Mountain’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

In the popular context, referring to any artist or outfit as hailing from the “heartland” implies a certain down-home proficiency — all fiddles, harmonies, homilies and back porch convergence. It is a cliche of course, ...

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