Articles by: Lee Zimmerman

Mavis Staples Teams With Jeff Tweedy For Soulful ‘If All I Was Was Black’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

With her recent series of albums, Mavis Staples has successfully completed the transition from her earlier status as a soul and gospel icon to an artist who remains as contemplative, contemporary and vital today as ...

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Eilen Jewell Emulates Archival Blues on ‘Down Hearted Blues’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

With each of her recent albums, Eilen Jewell has meandered ever closer to a style that emulates archival blues, providing a sturdy and assured delivery that also taps her rich Americana authenticity. With Down Hearted ...

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50 Years of Fairport Convention: Iconic Folk Band’s Essential Songs & Albums

Its a credit to both their credence and endurance as the primary architects responsible for the fusion of traditional British folk music with the electric jolt of rock ‘n’ roll that 50 years on from ...

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Pistoleros Deserve Long Awaited Break With Riveting ‘Silver’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

It would be great to say that after 25 years of relative obscurity, Pistoleros are ready to break into the big time. After all, they have the wherewithal to substantiate any ability to do so, ...

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Langhorn Slim’s ‘Lost at Last Vol. 1’ Succeeds With Songs Of Instant Connection (ALBUM REVIEW)

From the opening strum of “Life Is Confusing,” it’s clear that Langhorne Slim is on to something special here with Lost at Last Vol. 1. That “something” becomes more evident as his new album progresses, ...

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Blitzen Trapper Leans For More Emphatic Embrace On ‘Wild and Reckless’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

For whatever Blitzen Trapper has accomplished — or failed to accomplish — in their prolific career, they’ve yet to connect with the wider audience they deserve. Perhaps it has something to do with the ambiguity ...

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Difford & Tilbrook Write Another Squeeze Classic With ‘The Knowledge’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Nearly forty years after their initial incarnation, Squeeze remains the band that just can’t quit. Well, almost. After a series of break-ups and subsequent reunions that waylaid them for nearly a dozen years, founders, composers ...

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Margo Price Wins Again With Heart-Worn Ballads & Rugged Rockers On ‘All American Made’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

You could say Margo Price is the tenacious type. Her first solo offering, 2016’s Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, shared the hardships and heartaches she’s dealt with all along, beginning when her family’s farm went into foreclosure ...

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Lucinda Williams Re-Records Seminal ‘Sweet Old World’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

It’s not often that an artist opts to re-record a seminal album, much less one on which he or she first staked their reputation. So it might have been helpful had Lucinda Williams explained the ...

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JD McPherson Ignites Shades of Fats, Buddy & Little Richard On ‘Undivided Heart & Soul’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

JD McPherson doesn’t mess around. On the final song of his new album, he declares “Let’s get out of here while we’re young, we’ve worn out all the songs we’ve sung.” That’s an exaggeration of ...

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