Articles by: Lee Zimmerman

Jimmy LaFave’s Posthumous LP ‘Peace Town’ Proves Essential Introduction & Farewell (ALBUM REVIEW)

Last year’s premature passing of Austin singer/songwriter Jimmy LaFave was a tragedy for the music world as a whole, but Americana music in particular. LaFave’s songs were both poignant and purposeful, not only his insightful ...

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Cowboy Junkies Continue Their Unique Hushed & Harmonious Sound With ‘All That Reckoning’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Anyone who’s ever heard even a few notes culled from any Cowboy Junkies album released in the past 30 years will attest to the fact that they’re hardly the most upbeat bunch. With a sound ...

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I See Hawks In LA Mix Shades of Byrds & Dead On ‘Live and Never Learn’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

For the past 20 years or so, I See Hawks in LA have purveyed an essential country-rock crossover formula brewed as authentic Americana, so authentic in fact that it might give those boys from Bakersfield ...

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The Milk Carton Kids Mix Confidence & Calm On ‘All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn’t Do’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Milk Carton Kids have always appealed to a certain twinge of nostalgia. After all, they possess all the right currency — two guys, two guitars, impeccable harmonies and melodies of that intertwine wistful and ...

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‘Music From Big Pink’ at 50 Years – Ten Facts About The Band’s ’68 Debut LP You Might Not Have Known

While other albums soared towards the same directions, most critics and outside observers agree that The Band’s debut album, Music From Big Pink, was a seminal step that helped define the genre now known as ...

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T. Hardy Morris’ ‘Dude, the Obscure’ Becomes An Album Of Existential Intrigue (ALBUM REVIEW)

Suffice it to say T. Hardy Morris arrives at this juncture in his career bearing some impressive credentials. A member of the band Dead Confederate and the indie supergroup of sorts Diamond Rugs, he follows ...

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Gene Clark Sings For You Might Be Byrds Founder’s Greatest Song Bonanza Yet (ALBUM REVIEW)

Gene Clark, the ill-fated troubadour, singer and songwriter, once at the helm of the Byrds and provider of further inspiration to legions of Americana warriors and wannabes that would follow him in the decades after, ...

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String Band Twisted Pine Offer Up Distinctive Covers EP ‘Dreams’ (EP REVIEW)

One might think it’s a bit early in their infancy for string band Twisted Pine to offer up a covers EP. Having written every song on their well-received debut, Dreams might have been conceived as ...

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The Mulligan Brothers Prove Enticing and Evocative With ‘Songs for the Living and Otherwise’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Mulligan Brothers are an evocative bunch, and though they’re not brothers at all — as evidenced by the fact that they don’t share the same surname and that there’s at least one woman in ...

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Tami Neilson Stays Bold, Brassy & Assertive With ‘Sassafrass!’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

As a follow up to her last album, the boldly titled Don’t Be Afraid, Canada’ singer and songwriter Tami Neilson continues to procure a distinctive sound that’s bold, brassy and flush with an assertive ability. ...

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