Articles by: Maeri Ferguson

Will Johnson Creates Tense Narratives With ‘Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Will Johnson is having a dark night of the soul, and lucky for us, it sounds pretty damn gorgeous. Though he’s known for being a member of Centro-matic and the Undertow Orchestra, Johnson is a brilliant ...

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Spoon Get Pulse Pounding With ‘Hot Thoughts’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

If the way to get through 2017 without going completely nuts is to dance our asses off, Spoon has us covered. On their ninth studio album Hot Thoughts, Spoon doesn’t lose what makes them Spoon, ...

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Conor Oberst Rerecords 2016’s ‘Ruminations’ as ‘Salutations’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

If you loved Conor Oberst’s last record, 2016’s Ruminations, you’ll probably like his new one, Salutations…but not for the same reasons. The two are essentially fraternal twins, as Oberst has remade and rerecorded Ruminations with ...

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The Shins’ ‘Heartworms’ Makes For Essential 2017 Best Of (ALBUM REVIEW)

It has been a long five years for fans of The Shins, eager for them to put out a new record. And though frontman James Mercer keeps himself busy with side projects (Broken Bells), when ...

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Valerie June Finds Some Pure Sweet Spots On ‘The Order of Time’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Valerie June has grown in the last four years. While her 2013 release Pushin’ Against a Stone was an anticipated splashy debut, particularly as she collaborated with Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), her new record, ...

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Nikki Lane Offers Throwback Over The Top Opry Vibes at Music Hall of Williamsburg (SHOW REVIEW)

Nikki Lane can set fire to a stage, and she did just that on March 2nd at Music Hall of Williamsburg as part of Highway Queen tour. On the tails of her new record, also ...

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Strand of Oaks Create Undeniably Catchy Rock Gems On ‘Hard Love’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Even as his sound has grown bigger and grander over time, Tim Showalter’s songwriting has always radiated with a kind of dark intensity. As Strand of Oaks, he has been consistently making compelling music for ...

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Nikki Lane Stays On Throwback Road With ‘Highway Queen’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Nikki Lane has been on a steady rise with each record she makes, garnering praise for her give-no-f***s cowgirl attitude and throwback country queen style. And never has either quality been so sharp than on ...

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Chuck Prophet Pays Homage To Rock’s Finest With ‘Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

To say that Chuck Prophet is a rock and roll obsessive would be an understatement. His love for rock music is so deeply rooted in him, it continues to inspire him in sound and in ...

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Ron Gallo Unleashes Madman Vocals and Head-spinning Riffs On ‘Heavy Meta’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Ron Gallo has a sick, twisted worldview, and that is what you’ll love about his new record Heavy Meta. Gallo has an undeniable talent and a penchant for the dark and weird side of things. ...

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