Articles by: Maeri Ferguson

Solid Sound Wraps in Relaxing Fashion With Wilco Side Projects (FESTIVAL RECAP)

The mood always changes on the final day of any festival. There’s a vague hint of sadness in the air, as a weekend of bliss comes to a close. We’ve all put our lives on ...

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Wilco Revisits Several Other Records At Solid Sound Day 2 (FESTIVAL RECAP)

When the weather’s on your side for a festival, there’s nothing quite like it. And on day two of Solid Sound, the sunshine felt damn good after damp and overcast Friday. Spontaneity was in the ...

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Wilco Perform ‘Being There’ & ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ In Entirety at Solid Sound (FESTIVAL RECAP)

Now five Solid Sound festivals in, the team of Wilco and Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) have settled into a groove. They’ve had two years since the last one to dream up improvements ...

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Jeff Tweedy’s ‘Together At Last’ Plays Out Like a Wilco Photo Album (ALBUM REVIEW)

If you’ve ever been to a live show and heard an incredible acoustic version of a song you know really well, and just wished more than anything that you could hear it like that again ...

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Steelism’s ‘Ism’ Proves They Just Dont Make Em Like This Anymore (ALBUM REVIEW)

Every so often you hear a record that makes you think, “they don’t make ‘em like this anymore,” and that is consistently the case with Steelism’s stellar new follow up to their 2014 debut 615 ...

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Fleet Foxes Return With Pristine Mountainous Folk on ‘Crack-Up’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Fans of their beloved 2011 record Helplessness Blues have been waiting anxiously for the Fleet Foxes to make a triumphant follow-up record that would continue to speak to their increasing millennial angst. In fact, a ...

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Sam Amidon Continues Stirring Musical Evolution With ‘The Following Mountain’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Though he’s been known to channel an Appalachian style folk sound, Sam Amidon is getting more playful. On his latest record, The Following Mountain, Amidon gets experimental with his arrangements and his vocals, creating an ...

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Dan Auerbach Makes Old Fashioned & Effortlessly Cool LP On ‘Waiting On A Song’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Dan Auerbach never seems to tire of flexing his musical muscles, taking on countless projects outside of the Black Keys, both as a performer and a producer. In 2015, he released his excellent debut record ...

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Kevin Morby Comes Home To Sold Out Bowery Ballroom Show (SHOW REVIEW)

On May 24th at Bowery Ballroom in New York City, Kevin Morby was finally coming home. His sold out show at this venue was something he’d only ever dreamed of, and with the upcoming release ...

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The Mastersons Share Twangy Harmonies and Life on the Road with ‘Transient Lullaby’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

It is fitting that power roots duo The Mastersons called their latest record Transient Lullaby, as its songs seem to find them in a state of in between, of brevity and constant change. The husband ...

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