Articles by: Neil Ferguson

Suds & Sounds: Against the Grain Keep It Weird and Lively In Louisville

In Suds & Sounds we turn the spotlight on breweries, focusing on the role of music in that brewery’s history, packaging, tastes, and in its city or town as a whole. The idea is to get beer and ...

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Shannon and the Clams Preside Over a Rock and Roll Party in Portland (SHOW REVIEW)

Shannon and the Clams are a strange entity. The California quartet has managed to carve out their own little rock and roll niche with a sound that feels like an amalgamation of American music from ...

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Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Give Portland a Taste of the ‘Nashville Sound’ (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

Since releasing his universally acclaimed 2013 album Southeastern, Jason Isbell can do no wrong, gaining more fans and recognition with each new album. These days Isbell and his band the 400 Unit are on tour ...

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David Ramirez Explores Dark Sounds and Darker Themes With Potent ‘We’re Not Going Anywhere’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Jason Isbell gets too much credit these days. That’s not to say the constant stream of praise bestowed upon Americana’s golden boy isn’t well deserved, but ideally artists like Isbell should serve as a rabbit ...

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Gangstagrass Unleash Hip-hop-Bluegrass Hybrid on Portland (SHOW REVIEW)

At first thought, the idea of mixing hip-hop and bluegrass and country music seems fairly ludicrous. Even though the hitmakers in Nashville have been doing this kind of thing in appalling fashion in recent years ...

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Hayley Thompson-King Blends Opera Background and Blistering Country Rock on ‘Psychotic Melancholia’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

From the charged up opening licks of her new album Psychotic Melancholia, it’s clear as day that Hayley Thompson-King is here to kick ass and take names. You’d hardly know this fiery rock and roll queen ...

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The Best Acts We Saw at Project Pabst Portland 2017 (FESTIVAL REVIEW/PHOTOS)

Portland, Oregon is a mecca for craft beer and prides itself on its dedication to all things local. Both of these facts make it, at first glance, an odd choice for a festival thrown by ...

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Billy Strings Talks Bluegrass Bravado and New LP, Shares New Track “Dealing Despair” (INTERVIEW/PREMIERE)

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of catching a young bluegrass musician who goes by the name of Billy Strings at the Pickathon Music Festival just outside Portland, OR. Funny enough, Billy was ...

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Matthew Sweet Brings Timeless Power Pop Catalogue to Portland (SHOW REVIEW)

Does anyone still care about the power of a good song? Matthew Sweet does. In fact, it’s fair to say that when it comes to writing catchy and melodic rock and roll songs Sweet has ...

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Ray Wylie Hubbard Reckons With The Blues On ‘Tell The Devil I’m Gettin’ There As Fast As I Can’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

When you’ve been around the block, it’s easy to sit up on your porch and yell at the kids to stay off your lawn. But Ray Wylie Hubbard is anything but a curmudgeon. In fact, ...

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