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Robert Pollard- Faulty Superheroes (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=6.00] Unbeknownst to me, Guided by Voices, Robert Pollard’s revolving member and ragtag band of merrymakers, released their hi-fi masterpieces, Do the Collapse and Isolation Drills, on vinyl for Record Store

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Zola Jesus – Taiga (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=6.00] As her career progresses, Zola Jesus continues to turn pop structures topsy turvy. Her early releases, The Spoils, Stridulum, and the darkly drifting 6 track meetup, LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus EP, were

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Minus the Bear- Lost Loves (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=7.00] Whatever you might think, don’t call Lost Loves a B-Side collection.  For far too long, Minus the Bear, the five lads from Seattle who specialize in under utilized guitar techniques

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Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=3.00] Since their 2008 breakthrough LP, The ’59 Sound, The Gaslight Anthem have tread perilously close to pastiche. But sincerity has never been a make-or-break element in their music; The

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Braid- No Coast (ALBUM REVIEW)

[rating=9.00] Sixteen years after the last proper Braid LP and No Coast begins with “Bang” and ends with a song called “This Is Not a Revolution.” Insert your poor puns

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