Articles by: Shawn Donohue

Art Rock Lifers Kim Gordon & Bill Nace Deliver More Experimental Guitar Noise Via Body/Head’s ‘The Switch’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

For the second studio release from the experimental guitar noise duo Body/Head titled The Switch, the art rock lifers Kim Gordon and Bill Nace decided for a less structured approach than their debut Coming Apart. ...

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The Sleazeball Orchestra Win With Their Unique Stamp Of Sleazy Stripper Jazz On ‘I Ain’t In Love No More ‘ (ALBUM REVIEW

The Sleazeball Orchestra proudly proclaim they play sleazy stripper jazz and any burlesque show with this soundtrack should be honored as I Ain’t In Love No More manages to blend quirky modern day love troubles ...

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James Hunter Six Waltzes, Swings & Rocks The Damrosch Park Stage at Lincoln Center (SHOW REVIEW)

New York City has many hidden gems during the summer for those of us who stick around the sweltering sidewalks instead of fleeing to the coasts. Friday Night, July 13th on the outdoor Damrosch Park ...

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Deafheaven Reach New Audial Heights With ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The fourth album from California based, post-black/shoe-gaze/black-gaze/whatever metal outfit Deafheaven is a transitional disk that manages to expand upon their foundation while reaching new audial heights. Ordinary Corrupt Human Love won’t put to bed the nausea-inducing ...

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Dr. Dog Mightily Wraps Up Three Night Stand at Brooklyn Steel (SHOW REVIEW)

While promoting their eleventh album Critical Equation, Scott McMicken from Dr. Dog said, “I feel like I am in a new band right now”, and that freshness, excitement and energy were all present as the ...

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River Whyless Start Compelling Musical Conversations With Thematic ‘Kindness, A Rebel’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

On their excellent 2016 sophomore release We All The Light, River Whyless’ organic folk/ world-beat style was infectious. Now on Kindness, A Rebel current America cultural tribalism injects itself fully, yet the results remain engaging. The ...

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Jack White Hits For The Rock Cycle at Cooperstown’s Ommegang Brewery (SHOW REVIEW)

Jack White’s Boarding House Reach tour stopped in Upstate New York on Sunday, May 27th of Memorial Day weekend and while the constant rains made for a cold and muddy night, the guitar work, excellent ...

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George Clinton’s Parliament Release First New Album in 38 Years With ‘Medicaid Fraud Dogg’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

There are few funkier than George Clinton. He is embarking on his final world tour with a new album to support, the first under the Parliament band name in 38 years. Titled Medicaid Fraud Dogg ...

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The Misfits Return to New Jersey 35 Years Later (SHOW REVIEW)

The original ministers of horror punk returned to their home state as the Misfits reunited at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on a rainy/overcast Saturday, May 19th.. Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang ...

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Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks Nail The Hooks & Melodies On ‘Sparkle Hard’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Opening with just a piano, “Cast Off” starts Sparkle Hard dramatically. Over its short run time, the track manages to soar with buzzing guitars, gorgeous choruses and arousing feeling that anything is possible; an emotional ...

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