Articles by: Shawn Donohue

Titus Andronicus Go Big Again With ‘A Productive Cough’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

On Titus Andronicus’s last studio release, The Most Lamentable Tragedy, the band went for it all in absolute grandiose fashion with a massive triple album, punk rock opera. In the roll out to the follow-up, ...

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Shannon & the Clams Go Hip Swinging/Garage Rocking/Surf Pop on Golden LP ‘Onion’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The fifth album from the Oakland based Shannon & the Clams continues their winning 60’s surf pop on acid style but takes on an extra emotional level as the artists grow and deal with tragedy. ...

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The National Parks Offer Big Positive Pop on ‘Places Deluxe’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The folk/pop outfit The National Parks has all but dropped the folk from their resume as they offer the positive pop of Places Deluxe to the world. Focusing more on electronic swells and arena-ready hooks, ...

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The James Hunter Six Shuffles & Grooves Brilliantly on ‘Whatever It Takes’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

James Hunter has been a staple on the UK Soul scene since the mid-80’s and even while singing backups/touring the world with Van Morrison in the mid-90’s it seems that he is just now hitting ...

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The Hold Steady Throw A Positive Jam at Brooklyn Bowl (SHOW REVIEW)

For the second year in a row, The Hold Steady threw a positive jam, multi-day party at Brooklyn Bowl in their adopted hometown. The venue and band is a perfect match as the beer from ...

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Bob Dylan Brings ‘Never Ending Tour’ To Beacon Theatre For First of Four Shows (SHOW REVIEW)

Every year at the end of November, Bob Dylan pushes pause on the Never Ending Tour to rest his bones for winter before returning to the stage in early April. Most years Dylan tries to ...

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Primus Comes Up Short On ‘The Desaturating Seven’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

If the last few albums are any indication. Primus is running out of steam, ideas, and energy. The freak rock outfits’ previous release was their interpretation of The Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory soundtrack which disappointed almost ...

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Lee Ranaldo Offers Quirky Mix of Experimental Pop On ‘Electric Trim’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Lee Ranaldo has moved on (even dropping The Dust moniker) from his smoothly polished 2013 release Last Night on Earth to Electric Trim. This release is a quirky mix of Beatles inspired experimental pop that ...

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Prophets of Rage Strike Foul On Self Titled Debut LP (ALBUM REVIEW)

Prophets of Rage is a supergroup for our current times that is not designed to heal our country but fight the powers that be. They have a clearly defined agenda lyrically, laid out to battle the ...

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Mike Gordon Makes Clearest Musical Statement Yet With ‘OGOGO’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Mike Gordon’s fifth solo album OGOGO is his clearest individual musical statement as an artist yet. Recorded with his own band OGOGO is cohesive, unique and sonically divergent from his main day job, infused with ...

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